Our Dream Video Game Crossovers | KeenGamer Podcast #151

Welcome back to the 151st episode of the KeenGamer Podcast! In this episode, Alex, Devon, David, and Michael discuss their dream video game crossovers. That and loads of recent trends you'll hear in this jampacked episode!

Keengamer Podcast 151 Our Dream CrossoverVideo game crossovers come as small as a cameo and as big as having the entire main cast of a gaming company brawl with one another. AlexDevonDavid, and Michael let their imagination run wild. In this episode, our dream crossovers quickly escalate into some wild concepts.

But that’s not all. We share updates on our gaming backlogs, chat about the future of AI-art and dive into a beautiful hand-painted game. Come join us!

[04:44] – What We’re Playing

[06:09] – Games We Are Looking Forward To: Alone in the Dark, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, Lies of P and Starfield

[28:08] – News

[50:13] – Main Topic: Our Dream Crossovers

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