Our Dream Announcements | KeenGamer Podcast #145

What would make an announcement show truly legendary? Alex, David, and Devon duke it out in this heated episode of the KeenGamer Podcast, which escalates into a full-on battle of ideas. This, is loads of news and games to look forward to and, above all, loads of laughter and chaos you'll hear in this episode!

Keengamer Podcast 145 Our Dream Announcements

What if you could have just about anything in a dream gaming announcements show? That’s the question that AlexDavid, and Devon feverishly debate in this episode of the KeenGamer podcast. From industry-shaking acquisitions to people who should try their hands at making a game, to long-awaited sequels, remakes, and the sheer charisma of particular personalities. The ultimate question is, which team are you on? Let us know in the comments!

But before that, there are loads to discuss before we let our imaginations run wild. David juggles between rambling about Tears of the Kingdom and V Rising, Devon breaks down the many problems of Redfall, while Alex dives into the new Mortal Kombat and Dead By Daylight news. But there’s also Gamefreak talk, Summer Game Fest, and none of us trusting current-day Square Enix with as little as picking up a piece of gum. Come join us!


[01:30] What We’re Playing

[04:23] What We’re Looking Forward To: Alan Wake 2Robocop Rogue City, and Minecraft 1.20

[11:34] – News: Tears of the Kingdom‘s reception, Dead By Daylight announcements, and the cancellation of Overwatch 2‘s PVE mode

[46:26] – Main Topic: Our Dream Announcements

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