KeenGamer Podcast Episode 91: Our Favorite Metroidvania’s

After the highly anticipated release of Metroid Dread last week, we wanted to talk about our favorite games in the Metroidvania genre on the podcast. The panel also talks about the games they are playing, including No More Heroes III, No Man's Sky, and Pokémon Unite. We also talk about many of the biggest news stories from the week, from Sora in Smash to the possible return of Konami.


KeenGamer Podcast Episode 91 Our Favorite Metroidvania's Cover

Welcome back to the KeenGamer podcast! We are excited to be back and talking about the glorious world of video games. In this week’s episode, Kyle is joined by Marc to discuss the games they have been playing recently. They then talk about the biggest news stories of the week and finally close out the show with a conversation about their favorite Metroidvania games. 


[1:32] Metroid Dread

[11:58] Pokémon Unite

[19:34] No More Heroes III

[27:40] No Man’s Sky

[34:42] Sora in Smash Bros.

[39:50] GTA Trilogy Remastered

[44:10] A Fortnite movie?

[47:43] Pokémon Legends: Arceus is not open world

[54:30] Pokémon Unite leaks

[59:50] Is Konami making a comeback?

[1:08:26] Our favorite Metroidvania’s

Now that you have heard about our favorite games in the Metroidvania genre, what games do you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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