KeenGamer Podcast Episode 137: The State of Star Wars

Star Wars! Witcher! Cyberpunk! Chris Pratt's Mario voice..? Join Mark, Noah, and Eoin as they discuss the state of Star Wars content today in the main topic, from the recent movie trilogy, to The Mandalorian. CD Projekt Red's big game announcements gets a breakdown, as does the Mario movie trailer.

May the force be with the KeenGamer podcast panel when they get into Star Wars discourse in this special State of Star Wars episode.

Mark, Noah, and Eoin (with special guest star baby Grogu) go over the quality of the recent content, including the live-action and animated Disney Plus shows, and of course, the most recent movie trilogy. Before discussing a galaxy far, far away, the trio talks Pokemon, Deathloop, Stardew Valley, breakdown all the CD Projekt Red news, and react to the Mario movie trailer and that Chris Pratt voice


[00:00] Intro
[02:10] Pokemon Shining Pearl (and Legendary Pokemon discussion)
[16:59] Stardew Valley
[25:25] Deathloop
[32:36] CD Projekt Red new IP, Witcher and Cyberpunk games
[40:59] Mario movie trailer reactions!
[51:49] Main topic: The State of Star Wars
[1:18:07] Every Star Wars live-action show ranked
[1:27:56] What do we want to see from the future of Star Wars?
[1:36:18] What about Andor?

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