KeenGamer Podcast Episode 135: From GTA 6 to Pokemon, Do We Like Video Game Leaks?

With so many big leaks and hacks in video games recently, the KeenGamer podcast panel discusses the massive GTA 6 leak, along with other famous leaks. They also break down the differences between legitimate reporting, sketchy sources, and straight-up lies when it comes to both video game and movie leaks, then offer their opinion on whether they like leaks overall.
From GTA 6 to Pokemon, Do We Like Video Game Leaks? | KeenGamer Podcast #135

Leaks! With so many recent leaks, scoops, reports, and hacks in the video game industry, Mark, Jessica, and Noah break down everything surrounding them.

They recap and update on the ongoing GTA 6 hack responsible for releasing over 90 videos of unfinished gameplay, and the graphics fiasco that resulted in other game devs posting early build footage in solidarity with Rockstar. Dan Allen’s mistake outing as a leaker is also covered, as are examples of good leaks in video games, and comparisons to movie leaks – particularly Marvel projects.


[00:00] Intro
[02:34] Deathloop
[21:43] Morrowind
[28:27] Heron and the fishies update
[30:07] EA is officially making an Iron Man game
[37:53] Ted Lasso is coming to FIFA 23
[47:37] Start of the main topic: Updates on GTA 6 leaks
[53:40] “Graphic is the first thing finished in a video game” GTA 6 silver lining
[1:04:20] Should you criticize unofficial gameplay?
[1:12:04] Fallout 4 and other famous Bethesda leaks
[1:16:31] The recent rise of Pokemon leaks
[1:21:57] The different attitudes toward hacks, scoops, leaks, and fake leaks in video games
[1:27:36] Leaks in the movie industry – spoiler scoops and lies
[1:41:01] Differences in story spoilers and mechanical / setting spoilers
[1:51:27] What makes good leaks and annoying leaks
[1:57:00] Do we like video game leaks?

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