KeenGamer Podcast Episode 126: Our Favourite Gaming Sequels

Join Mark, Jessica, Noah, and Dan on this week's episode of the KeenGamer podcast to find out their favourite gaming sequels. Before the main topic, the panel discuss what they've been playing, including Madison and Far Cry 6 - while also covering the recent God of War, Forspoken, PlayStation, and Skate news.
KeenGamer Podcast #126: Our Favourite Gaming Sequels

It’s sequel week on KeenGamer! With God of War: Ragnarok being one of the most anticipating games this year – Mark, Jessica, Noah, and Dan offer their thoughts on their own favourite gaming sequels as the main topic.

Continuing the sequel theme, the panel discuss what they’ve been playing recently. God of War: Ragnarok’s release date of course gets a lengthy discussion in the news, and the KeenGamer panel also go over Forspoken‘s delay, PlayStation’s new loyalty program, and Skate‘s free-to-play announcement.


[00:00] Intro
[04:22] Madison
[12:00] Far Cry 3
[13:26] Far Cry 6
[21:57] Pokemon White 2
[26:33] Life is Strange 2
[31:09] God of War: Ragnarok gets a 2022 release date!
[43:22] Was Forspoken delayed to 2023 due to God of War?
[50:47] PlayStation Stars rewards announced
[57:56] Next Skate will be free-to-play
[1:07:01] Main topic: Our favourite gaming sequels

What are some of your favourite sequels in gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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