KeenGamer Podcast Episode 124: The Quarry Spoilercast – Better than Until Dawn?

Join Mark, Jessica, and Emanuel in a spoilercast for The Quarry, with the panel giving their thoughts on if it's better than Until Dawn. Before turning in their Quarry kill count, Mark and Jessica also discuss all the biggest news, and the games they've been playing this week.
KeenGamer Podcast #124: The Quarry Spoilercast - Is it better than Until Dawn?

Join Mark, and Jessica and KeenGamer’s The Quarry reviewer, Emanuel, to listen to all the ups and downs in Supermassive Games’ newest horror! The panel go into full spoilers about the decision-based game, offering their thoughts on characters, performances, plot holes, and the scariest water you’ll ever see in gaming. At the end, the trio give their thoughts on whether they think The Quarry is better than Until Dawn, Supermassive Games’ first breakout horror success.

Before unearthing some Quarry spoilers with Emanuel, Mark and Jessica talk about Fall Guys‘ free-to-play launch, and the tough but enjoyable challenge of Returnal. They also discuss all the biggest news, including new Final Fantasy 16 details, an update on FromSoftware’s newest game, and impressions from the A Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay showcase.


[00:00] Intro
[02:28] Fall Guys
[11:42] Returnal
[18:34] A Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay impressions
[28:18] FromSoftware’s next game in final stages of development
[33:14] Final Fantasy 16 isn’t open world
[43:51] The Quarry and High on life used to be Stadia exclusives

The Quarry Spoilercast timestamps:

[47:03] The Quarry spoilercast intro
[48:42] Emanuel’s review thoughts
[51:00] Our histories with Supermassive Games
[56:40] KeenGamer’s Quarry killcount
[01:12:17] What’s the deal with Eliza and Silas?
[01:19:02] Favourite and least favourite characters
[01:42:23] Chris Hackett/David Arquette
[01:45:21] Did you guess the monster?
[01:54:24] Favourite moments
[01:56:08] The good and bad of the animation
[02:03:01] Did the licensed music work?
[02:05:50] Graphics and gameplay
[02:12:04] Chapter 7 – worth the slog?
[02:18:31] Epilogue thoughts
[02:21:01] The dialogue
[02:25:44] Movie mode
[02:31:04] Is The Quarry better than Until Dawn?

Have you completed The Quarry? Do you think it’s better than Until Dawn? Let us know in the comments below!

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