Is Censorship Good or Bad for Games? – Keen Cast Ep. 15

In Keen Cast's fifteenth episode, Sean and David decide whether or not censorship is good for the video game industry. Would we support titles that are heavily censored? We also talk about Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass' supposed success, Larian Studios' decision to put Divinity: Fallen Heroes on hiatus, and a lot more!

Is Censorship Good or Bad for Games? - KeenCast Ep. 15

Welcome to Keen Cast, KeenGamer’s official podcast! Join Sean Rehbein, David Lozada, and Tim Ronan as they talk about the week’s hottest news stories and dissect the latest controversy shaking up the video game industry. In our fifteenth episode, we decide whether or not censorship is good for the video game industry and if we would support titles that are heavily censored. The controversy doesn’t stop there, as we revisit Blizzard’s recent fiasco regarding Hong Kong and its banning of a professional Hearthstone player. We also talk about another prominent Hollywood director’s comments on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Other topics on this week’s roster include Xbox Game Pass’ supposed success, Larian Studios’ decision to put Divinity: Fallen Heroes on hiatus, and the data cap issues that may come with enjoying games through Google Stadia. On top of all that, Sean gives us his review of Lab Zero Games’ Indivisible! Check out links and timestamps to all of our topics below:

Sean’s review of Lab Zero Game’s Indivisible – 00:27:22

News Stories:

  1. Study shows that six million Americans will easily hit their data caps by using Google Stadia (00:43:58)
  2. Xbox Game Pass users are playing 40 percent more games than normal users – including outside Game Pass (01:01:31)
  3. Divinity: Fallen Heroes put on hiatus by Larian Studios (01:13:01)
  4. Francis Ford Coppola calls the Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘despicable’ (01:18:59)
  5. Members of the United States Congress pen letter to Activision-Blizzard condemning the suspension of Blitzchung (01:32:25)

Topic of the Show:

Is censorship good or bad for games? (01:47:00)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE becomes the best-selling Wii U game on Amazon Japan after news of Switch censorship

Final Verdict – Our official consensus – 02:17:28

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