The Best Quizzes For the 2021 Winter Season

Feel the need to test your gaming knowledge? Take a look at some of the best gaming quizzes to take this winter season! With recent releases like Mario Party Superstars and Halo Infinite, take a refresher course on the franchises before diving in.

The Best Quizzes For the 2021 Winter Season Cover

With the year winding down and the temperatures dropping, now seems like as good a time as any to bundle down and test your knowledge. 2021 saw many game franchises return to the limelight, as well as established giants continuing their reign. Major companies new and old have provided more morsels of knowledge to absorb and digest. Bundle up and grab a snack; these are some of the best quizzes to take for the winter season.

Halo Franchise Quiz

Master Chief makes his triumphant return to the Halo franchise. A new nemesis has revealed itself, pitting humanity on the brink of extermination. It’s on you to push back against the tides of hopelessness and restore hope to all.

With the recent release of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer and the solo campaign on its way, there’s reason to want to catch up on the franchise’s lore. After all, one of the most influential FPS series of all time is sure to have a lot of information to it. Make sure you’re up to speed when you walk in the shoes of Master Chief once again.

Halo Infinite is available to purchase on Xbox consoles and PC.

League of Legends Quiz

Who says all game-related media is bad when adapted to other mediums? Riot has made a considerable product in Arcane, a new miniseries dedicated to the world of League of Legends. Sisters Vi and Jinx must navigate a world torn by arcane technology and warring ideologies.

The franchise it’s based on needs little introduction. One of the most popular MOBAs of all time, League of Legends has been a mainstay in the gaming community for over a decade. With worldwide competitions worth incredible cash prizes, it doesn’t seem like its popularity will wane anytime soon. Re-familiarizing yourself seems like a good call.

League of Legends is free to play on PC and Mobile.

A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

Pokémon Quiz

The legendary RPG franchise is chugging along as it always has been. Remakes of the Gen 4 mainline titles in Diamond and Pearl have just released, with a spin-off titled Legends: Arceus on the slate for January. Fans will have a lot to feast on in the short-term.

With remakes and spin-offs coming through, there’s a lot of old and new Pokémon info to absorb. A franchise as popular as this is bound to have a few bits of knowledge to take from. Whether remakes of classic games or the future of the mega-hit the company has created, there will only be more as time comes along.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Mario Party Franchise Quiz

On the topic of revisiting the past, Nintendo has made it a point of emphasis for one series in particular: Mario Party. After an attempt at rebooting the series with Super Mario Party, the company decided it was time to go back to where it all began. Mario Party Superstars, released last month, takes all that the franchise was and brings it to modern times.

How will you know of all that was brought from before? Will you be able to note the differences between then and now? 100 returning minigames, 5 boards, and a wide variety of visual references make up an otherwise complete game of partying fun. It’s on you to fill in the blanks without extra assistance.

Mario Party Superstars is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Mario Party Superstars - Overview Trailer

For some other gaming quizzes, be sure to go through our full catalog of quizzes!

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