Earn Money Writing About Movies and TV at KeenGamer

Should you want to earn money by writing about movies, KeenGamer has a wonderful opportunity for you! We're in need of people that are passionate about the industry and can deliver their opinion in a clear manner. If this sounds right to you, we have more details below.

Make Money Watching Movies and TV at KeenGamer Cover

Are you a Netflix fanatic? All over streaming services like Disney+, trying to find the latest movie or series to binge? Well, that’s a great way to spend your time. However, have you considered making money this way?

Reviewing series you like could easily be turned into a writing job.

Should you want to earn money by writing about movies or TV series, KeenGamer has a wonderful opportunity for you! Join our team of passionate writers. Build your online writing portfolio, expand your network of contacts and like-minded writers, and discover new people in the industry. Using our writing and presentational standards, you’ll learn how to become a better movie critic.

We don’t limit our writers and let them stick to what they like. Review what you enjoy the most and let others hear your voice on the matters you think are important!


KeenGamer is a six-year-old website with thousands of users reading our articles every day, and recently re-designed! We provide great and unique articles for fans of video games and movies. 


We publish reviews, previews, news, and other types of articles. We make sweepstake giveaways and podcasts as well as write guides and opinion pieces.


We are in a constant search for writers to build a great team. We search for people who love everything around movies and TV series and would like to inform others about them. Our current team is working hard and is quite stable, but the internet and websites, in general, have no limits.

Don’t hold back and apply using our Join Us page.

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