Team Revolution is giving away ViewSonic Gaming Monitor

Thinking about a new monitor? Looking for an eSports organization to follow? Our friends at Team Revolution got you covered on both fronts! They are an organization worth cheering for, and they happen to be giving away a cool gaming monitor from ViewSonic.

Team Revolution is giving away ViewSonic Gaming Monitor
Visit the giveaway on Team Revolution's website to try your luck and win an awesome gaming monitor from ViewSonic! Check out the specs below.

The ViewSonic XG2402 is a 24” Full HD monitor packed with all the speed and features that diehard gaming enthusiasts need. Featuring an incredible 144Hz refresh rate, as well as AMD FreeSync technology, this monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities virtually eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for fluid gameplay during fast-paced action scenes. 

A blazing-fast 1ms response time and low input lag provides smooth screen performance even in the most graphic-intense sequences. For optimum speed and performance, SmartSync technology automatically selects the best refresh rate and response time, and lowest input lag needed in FPS games. For a game-winning competitive edge, a Game Mode feature optimizes visuals for FPS, RTS and MOBA. 

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