KeenGamer partners with Team Revolution

We are glad to announce our partnership with Team Revolution, a grass roots eSports company based in the UK and operating internationally. The company has multiple competitive teams including, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metal Gear Online 3 and Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds.

KeenGamer partners with Team Revolution
Team Revolution now has their official blog on KeenGamer. In this blog, you will find different articles about the eSports organization. We plan to highlight tournament results, league participation, and other events that will happen with or around Revolution.

The video below should tell you a bit more about Team Revolution:

Team Revolution Event - Meltdown Takeover @ London

Karel Vik, CEO of KeenGamer:

It may seem that we want to get a share of fame in the growing scene of eSports. And that is true! We’re increasing the amount of eSports content on our website with the addition of Team Revolution as one of our partners. The organization has already shown great results, and we are eager to bring even more exposure to the Team. We wish them the best of luck and only top results!

Mostofa Rezwan, CEO of Team Revolution:

I'm really glad to be in partnership with KeenGamer. They have a really well-constructed gaming website with great social aspects. They have tons of great content from game reviews, news, blogs as well as E-Shop with plenty of great games. We look forward to working with KeenGamer in the near future and love the great start in the early 2018!

Dmytro Voloshyn, Editor in Chief of KeenGamer:

Back in January, we revealed Guile eSports as one of our major partners. Today you are reading about the partnership with Team Revolution. So far, KeenGamer becomes more eSports-ish with each month. All I can say is I can't wait to see what March will bring!

You can get more info about the organization on their official website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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