KeenGamer partners with Guile eSports

We are glad to announce our partnership with Guile eSports, an eSports organization with teams and players in major competitive games and aim to dominate the European and American eSports scene.

KeenGamer partners with Guile eSports
Guile eSports already has their official blog on KeenGamer. In this blog, you will find a wide range of content about the eSports organization. We've already covered a few events – a few days ago Guile signed a Pokken player, Oreo, to their roster and back in December, their Overwatch PS4 team topped Overguard tournament. As of today, Guile team still tops the tournament with the recent victory.

Our partnership also means that you will find KeenGamer listed as one of the official sponsors of Guile Esports. If you like KeenGamer, or Guile, or both, you can buy some swag on

The video below should tell you a bit more about Guile eSports:

Karel Vik, CEO of KeenGamer:

We are happy to have Guile eSports as our partner. The organization has a very strong roster of players in various competitive games and is already showing strong results on the professional scene around the globe. We will do our best to inform our readers about all matches, ladder climbings, achievements, results, and tournaments that Guile will participate in. 

Oliver Willis, CEO of Guile eSports:

We chose to work with KeenGamer as they’re a quality gaming website covering all aspects of gaming from reviews to eSports. We at Guile eSports are excited to be working with such a respected brand with a professional and passionate team behind it. Over the course of the year, KeenGamer will have all of the online exclusives coming out of Guile, from the latest player signing to our major results. We are excited to see where this partnership will take us in 2018!

Dmytro Voloshyn, Editor in Chief of KeenGamer:

Informing about eSports scene was one of my initial goals when I joined KeenGamer. However, I never got the chance to do so as the website covers a wide range of gaming topics without the focus on eSports. Now with Guile eSports as our partner, I'm happy to inform you that you will see more eSports content on KeenGamer! 

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