Interview with Guile eSports Fortnite player Hubinalle

2018 is looking better and better each day for Guile eSports. Recently, the organization has signed a Fortnite roster. We've got the pleasure to interview Hubinalle, the captain for Guile eSports Fortnite team.

Interview with Guile eSports Fortnite player Hubinalle
After Epic Games added the Battle Royal mode to Fortnite, the game exploded in terms of popularity and player base. Sitting at the top of Twitch live-streamed games, Fortnite attracts more and more eSport organizations. Our friends at Guile eSports were lucky enough to find a roster of awesome Finnish players, so signing them up was a matter of time. Below you will find an interview with Jesse Halme, a captain for Guile eSports Fortnite team.

Interview with Guile eSports Fortnite player Hubinalle
Let's start with some basics. Please introduce yourself. 

Hi, my name is Jesse Halme, and my nickname is Hubinalle. I'm 31 years old and I'm from Finland. I´ve been playing video games for about 20 years. I started playing on PC when I was very young. Battlefield 1942 was the first game that got me involved in a clan. After Battlefield, I moved to Call Of Duty, where I placed 3rd in a tournament while playing for the national team. When Xbox 360 came out, I switched to console gaming. I mostly played sports games competitively.

What made you switch from PC to consoles? Was it hard to get used to a controller after playing with mouse and keyboard?

Most of my friends switched to play on consoles. And yeah, in the beginning, it was a bit hard to get used to consoles. Therefore, competitive gaming was not my priority. When a new generation of consoles was released, I was ready to try out competitive gaming.

You played a lot of different genres in the past. What brought you in Fortnite?

When I played my first match in Fortnite, I knew this is the game I want to focus on. So I abandoned the idea of playing sports games on a competitive level. I've found three awesome guys to play with. After this, the gaming became very smooth, and team environment works great. So I get a lot of pleasure when playing Fortnite in a team and competitively.

Players on my team are NG_TAKU, Mccoy-Andy, and PenaNeutroni. Andy is currently #1 at Finland's leaderboards.

Mind telling us how you found your current teammates?

Mccoy-Andy is my longtime friend, and we played in the same organization "2on1" for many years. When Andy started to play Fortnite, I played together with him. Strumbin(NG_TAKU) was invited to our team by Andy, and we matched instantly. Lastly, PenaNeutroni is Strumbin's friend, and we wanted to team up with him since his gaming and teamwork skills are great.

What do you think about the future of eSports in general and your title\genre in particular?

eSports is a growing trend, which is being noted in bigger circles. More and more smaller companies are getting involved, and people are getting to notice the growth of eSports. I'm from Finland where eSports is still quite small compared to other European countries. Therefore, in Finland, we can´t give salary to players that easily. It's one of the reasons that some of our best players go abroad where professional career is a choice.

Right now, I'm playing Fortnite, which is a new game. Game developers are working hard to get this game to be part of eSports. And I really hope that they manage to do so. In this genre, things are going well because of PUBG(PlayerUnknown's Battler Grounds). In sports genre, I still play Madden from time to time, where the best players come from the US. There are some rising stars that are my old rivals and friends, from France and Germany. The future is very bright for this genre.

What would be the most optimistic course of actions for eSports and your title\genre?

Best thing in this genre is to get Battle Royal games respect that they deserve and out of the marketing, even at consoles. It's hard to predict if the game would be as big as CS:GO.

What would be the most pessimistic course of actions for eSports and your title\genre?

The biggest issue in Battle Royal games is a huge number of simultaneous players, new updates, bugs. The worst-case scenario would be players getting lack of inspiration to play if there are too many problems with servers, lags etc. In the end, there are 100 players in each match.

Do you mind sharing your plans for 2018 with us?

We hope that we win leagues and tournaments organized by game developers. Until then, we focus on practicing and getting our game on point. Our priorities are to have fun and get rewarded for our efforts. We always go for the win.

Your nickname is Hubinalle. Is there a story behind this nickname? Could you please share it? 

My old gamer tag was Baddington, and I even have a Baddington-bear tattoo. When I switched to PlayStation, the tag was already taken, so I figured something new related to a bear. Nalle means bear, and Hubi is just a prefix. 

You got signed by Guile Esports. Congratulations! What are your thoughts on this? Have you played for other organizations before? 

My thoughts on being signed to Guile eSports? I couldn´t be happier! I played for different Finnish organizations in the past. Now I think I´ve got to be where every player gets the respect that they deserve. We have a greater chance to succeed while being a part of the organization.

I think it is time to wrap up our interview. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I want to thank all the organizations that kept me going forward as a player, SJK eSports/Rynnäkköviikset (PS4), 2on1(PS4) and Troopers(PC).

Interview with Guile eSports Fortnite player Hubinalle

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