Interview with Guile eSports Call of Duty player Djyoses

The radio silence is over, and we are back with another interview. This time, we talk with Djyoses, Guile eSports Call of Duty player. Guile recently added a Call of Duty roster, and this interview will tell you more about the player.

Interview with Guile eSports Call of Duty player Djyoses
More, more rosters! Seems like adding rosters is what Guile are busy with these days! We had a chance to interview a Call of Duty player that joined the organization last week. In this interview, you'll know what brought Dylan into CoD, and what LAN experience feels like. Let's start!

Let's start with some basics. Please introduce yourself.  

My name is Dylan Jack and my in-game username is Djyoses. I am 21 years old and have been playing Call of Duty for about 9-10 years. I only got started playing the game competitively when Black Ops 3 came out in 2015. At that time, I found the interest in competitive play. Since then, I have attended 3 LAN events for the current and previous Call of Duty titles and I aim to do well playing the game this year and next.

What LANs have you visited?

I have attended 3 LAN events during Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII times. The first LAN event I attended was CWL Sheffield in June last year. At this event, I played under Team Prismatic, but we didn't place as we expected. My second event was 4TGGameCon's event where me and my team placed 1st; it wasn't the biggest event but it was really enjoyable and gave me more experience playing on LAN. The last event was the Belong By Game Qualifiers in Glasgow, Scotland where me and my team qualified for our store. We are currently playing in the online league against several other GAME stores across the UK.

Being able to compete in LAN environment and play competitively is a luxury that many players can't afford. Could you please tell how different is LAN experience compared to playing at home?

Well firstly, I would say that playing a game on LAN is much different than playing at home. Being outside of your comfort zone is what I was caught off guard by at my first event. Having people shouting from all areas of the hall and having people watch over your games is something that was new to me and was hard to get used to. After attending 3 LAN events, I don't get distracted by these things as much anymore. My advice to anyone attending their first event would be to enjoy your time playing and don't get overconfident while playing against anyone because the game is played in a much different environment, and anything can happen.

Your nickname is Djyoses. Is there a story behind this nickname? Could you please share it?  

There really isn't a story behind my Username. The first two letters are the only thing that means something. "DJ" is my initials, and the rest was added at a young age, and I haven't decided to change it.

What brought you into CoD?

Call of Duty was the first game I played where I could interact with other people online. At a young age, it was something that I really liked the idea of. So I guess you could say that the sociability of the game was what got me interested in Call of Duty.

You have recently joined Guile eSports. Congratulations! Have you played for any competitive organization before?

I have been under a couple of organisations to go to the aforementioned events and just been under organisations in general. As of today, I have been under Guile eSports, Aerox eSports and Team Prismatic.

Please, tell us how you found your current teammates.

My current teammates are Keegan, Link and Tone. They are friends that I have met through the competitive scene over the years of playing. The team never started off this way. Me and Keegan have been teaming up since the end of Infinite Warfare. I attended my first LAN event with Tone. As we didn't place very well, our team fell apart. Later we decided to team once again for the upcoming event and expected to do much better than we did before. Link is the newest addition to our team; we all have very good chemistry with Link, and he fits the team very well. We feel that he will make an impact at this first event and are confident in our team.

Mind sharing your plans for 2018 with us?

My plans for 2018 are very simple. Practice with my team, improve and make an impact.

What do you think about the future of eSports and your title\genre?

I think in the future, eSports will be much bigger than it is now. Seeing the viewer count on livestreams increase little by little over the years, I feel that in a few years to come eSports will be taken seriously by people outside the world of eSports. I am very much looking forward to seeing how it develops. As for Call of Duty, I feel that this particular title can be much bigger if the developers focus on the competitive aspect of the game more. In my opinion, they can do more to centre the game around competitive play and the competitive community.

What would be the most optimistic course of actions for eSports and CoD?

The best course that I think eSports can take would be to advertise more on bigger platforms, as a lot of people still don't know that eSports exists. By creating more games and more genres that fully focus on competitive play, I feel it would get more people involved and more people interested in what eSports has to offer. Also, I feel that if game developers focus more on the community of eSports, by taking their input into consideration, it would make the games better and more enjoyable, which is what everyone wants

What would be the most pessimistic course of actions for eSports and CoD?

I think the worst course that any eSports title could take would be not taking community feedback and focusing too much on the game itself. Personally, I think that the community of an eSport is what makes it a great eSport. I feel that if companies don't focus on it enough, they will lose viewership and involvement from fans and supporters.

Thank you for taking time to conduct this interview. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you for choosing me to conduct this interview with KeenGamer, and a thank you to Guile eSports for believing in my team!

Interview with Guile eSports Call of Duty player Djyoses


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