Guile eSports at EVO Japan 2018

Featuring 7 fighting titles and 9 big sponsors, the world's largest fighting game tournament EVO Japan 2018 will run this week starting on January 26. Guile eSports is represented by the Street Fighter V player Malcolm Strickland.

Guile eSports at EVO Japan 2018
Evolution Championship Series: Japan(EVO Japan) is the fighting game tournament, which has shared the same visions and philosophy of original EVO. EVO Japan is opening on the motherland of fighting games, with huge scale open tournaments and prizes. To conquer the top of EVO Japan is a great honor for any fighting game player.


To know more about tournament’s schedule, participants, games, and so on, check out the official website.


This year’s launch trailer for EVO Japan 2018:


Our friends at Guile eSports will be represented at this tournament by their Street Fighter V player. Here’s what Oliver Willis, CEO of Guile, said on the occasion:


Strickland is a dedicated player and one we are delighted to have with us in Guile eSports. His professionalism and will to always improve his game is something I was immediately impressed with. EVO is a huge deal, and we are so excited to see what our man can do there! Not only is he a dedicated and talented player but he is also a great streamer and one I would implore you all to check out on his personal Twitch channel.


We’ve had the opportunity to talk with the player, so don’t hesitate to read our interview with SFV player for Guile eSports Strickland. And this is Strickland’s Twitch channel.

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