Wild Hearts | Master of the Skies Achievement/Trophy Guide

Want a quick and easy way to get the Master of the Skies achievement/trophy in Wild Hearts? This guide will show you what you'll need to do to quickly bag this achievement, which asks you to fly over 150m on your glider. This includes informing you of the items you'll need to succeed as well as the best location and route for the achievement.

Wild Hearts | Master of the Skies Achievement/Trophy Guide

Wild Hearts, like many other games, has a lot of different achievements and trophies to collect. Whether it’s hunting a lot of Kemono or finding various collectables hidden around the world, this monster-hunting game certainly has enough to keep you busy. 

One of these achievements is titled “Master of the Skies.” As the name may suggest, it has something to do with the game’s gliding mechanic. It can be a tricky trophy to get your hands on, especially early on in your Wild Hearts adventure. However, there is a way that you can this achievement ticked off as early as Chapter 1 with the right tools and location.

Here’s how to easily get the “Master of the Skies” achievement/trophy in Wild Hearts.

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Master of the Skies Explained

“Master of the Skies” is a Bronze Trophy (or achievement for Steam and Xbox) regarding the game’s glider. The trophy asks that you “successfully [fly] 150m with a glider”.

What appears at first as quite simple can, in actuality, be a tricky task to undertake. The glider is a Karakuri powered by your Celestial Threads, one that you can use to propel yourself upwards into the sky at high speeds, especially when paired with other Karakuri like the Spring. However, that height isn’t anywhere near enough to get 150m travelled and the glider begins to rapidly descend only a few seconds after taking off. 

To successfully acquire this Trophy, you’ll have to set up the perfect situation. This means finding a suitable location that gives you enough high ground to work with, having the right tools and Karakuri to get the job done and knowing the correct route to take to achieve success. 

Fortunately, there’s one specific area that you can use to get this trophy very early in the game (Chapter 1 to be exact). You’ll need a few things, first, though.

You need to glide over 150m to get this achievement - Wild Hearts Master of the Skies

Flying in Style

How to Get Master of the Skies


Before you can attempt “Master of the Skies” you’ll need to find and gather a few things.

The first is to obtain the glider. You’ll get this from completing the main story, specifically the mission which first takes you to Natsukodachi Isle just after your first visit to Minato. Your target here is a Spineglider, a small, tricksy little Kemono that fights with water. Upon its defeat, you’ll be able to use the glider Karakuri wherever you want, so long as you can fulfil the build requirements of 3 Celestial Thread.

The only other thing that’s required is to obtain the Wind Vortex Karakuri upgrade. This is a Dragon Kakuri that you can build to create a massive surge of air, allowing your Hunter to shoot up into the sky and get even higher than a glider would normally allow. You won’t unlock the Wind Vortex on a Hunt like the Glider or the Healing Mist: instead, you need to purchase it for Kemono Orbs. 

You can buy it on the Karakuri upgrade screen in the menu. It’ll be the sixth upgrade on the right side of the tree, with it becoming instantly purchasable after obtaining the Glider. Once it has been bought, you’re ready to undertake “Master of the Skies.”

Wind Vortex Karakuri Upgrade

Wind Vortex Karakuri Upgrade


Head to the Haragasumi Way. Your goal is to head to the most Northern point on the map to an area called the Tumbledown Hillside Shrine. You’ll come here later on during Chapter 1 as part of the main story but it is accessible at any point. The easiest way to get here is to head North from the Windswept Plain, taking the main path past the Great Sakura Clearing until you arrive at the Shrine.

On your way here, awaken the Dragon Pit so you can begin building Dragon Karakuri (the Dragon Pit associated with this area is the Cedar Path Pit). Then, continue trekking up the broken stairways until you come across a run-down Shrine at the top: there will be a Tsukomo waiting for you there to give you some guidance. 

Wind Vortex Ready

Wind Vortex Ready

It’s here that you’ll be setting everything up. To the right of the Shrine create a Wind Vortex that’ll be used to carry you the distance you require: the height of the Shrine is high enough that, with the aid of the Karakuri, you’ll get high enough to travel the 150m required for the trophy. 

Once you’re ready, create a Glider and jump into the Wind Vortex. It’ll take you a few seconds to reach the full height, upon which begin heading directly South towards the Great Sakura Clearing. From this point on, just focus on trying to cover as much distance as possible. I recommend trying to head into the cave system that leads to the big Sakura Tree, as it has a slight slope that’ll give you some more ground as you go. 

Flight Path

Flight Path

Do everything right and “Master of the Skies” should pop. Happy hunting!

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