Which Total War: Rome Remastered Faction Should You Play?

This guide suggests an appropriately challenging Total War: Rome Remastered faction for your level of experience with Total War games. The various factions offer very different experiences. Campaigns range from growing a massive empire out of a few villages to maintaining the decaying Seleucid hegemony in Asia.

Which Total War Rome Faction Should you play cover

One thing which makes Total War: Rome the best in the series and so worthy of being remastered is the variety of factions on offer. With the release of Total War: Rome Remastered, the faction pool has been further expanded. The claim made by the developers that 16 new factions have been added is a little misleading, as they were all available to players willing to make a small edit to the game files. However, the functionality of these campaigns has indeed been greatly expanded. The Roman houses still offer the best campaigns for beginners. But, returning players may prefer to take advantage of the offered groups. Therefore, this guide has been broken down based on your Total War experience or inexperience. 

Which Rome Remastered Faction is Best for Total (War) Beginners?


The Roman houses collectively control the entire Italian Peninsula. They are also locked into an alliance with each other until very late in the game. This makes them perfect for beginners as their home provinces are secure. Additionally, the Romans receive senate missions guiding them through the game, offering specified conquest targets and huge rewards for completion. The Scipii have a more clear-cut campaign. After the initial three-way battle for control of Sicily, they enter a largely 1v1 war with Carthage. This gives the campaign a lot of early structure to help players get to grips with the mechanics. Afterwards, the Mediterranean gives players their pick of successive conquests. Egypt, Spain, and Greece are all tantalising options that, helpfully, do not have much hope of getting back at you so long as you maintain a navy.

Just like keys at the beach, you are safest tucked into the toe of a boot

Just like keys on the beach, you are safest tucked into the toe of a boot

Which Rome Remastered Faction is Best for New Players With Total War Experience?


So, if you’ve played Rome II and you thought it was quite good and are confused about all the outcry over it not living up to the original. With the release of Total War: Rome Remastered, you might be eager to see what all the fuss is about but don’t know which faction is best. If this is you, It’s still best to start as the Romans but maybe take a chance with the Brutii.

They are a little more difficult as you are fighting multiple opponents at once for the whole campaign. However, it also offers much higher rewards for your conquests. The cities of Greece, Macedonia, and Anatolia are some of the most valuable in the game. This gives the Brutii the potential to be the strongest groups if they can’t wrestle cities from their foes. 

The Julii have it coming

The Julii have it coming

Which Rome Remastered Faction is Best for Returning Players?


Total War: Rome Remastered has added optional changes to liven up the experience of playing as barbarians. It is now possible for the Britons to use buildings to improve public order and health, which helps them keep up with Greeks and Romans in terms of population. If you remember playing them in the original, you probably agree that they felt a little unwieldy in comparison to their ‘civilised’ counterparts. The faction is, therefore, perfect to ease you back into the experience whilst trying something new. The British Isles offer a safe staging point for your wider conquests. Their unconventional unit roster, including scythed chariots and head hurlers, sets them apart from the Germans and Gauls.

Starting off far from Italy always offers a rewarding challenge, however. It gives the Romans time to expand and become powerhouses on the level of their historical inspirations. This means that when you do come into conflict, you are in for a challenging and fun conflict that promises to make the remaster really feel worthwhile.

Total War Guide To: Episode 1, with Phil Wang

Which Rome Remastered Faction is Best for Total War Fanatics?


Ok, you watch every Legend of Total War stream. You borderline only build cavalry, and all non-Roman campaigns give you a tremendous urge to sail to Italy turn one. If you want to try a campaign that plays a little differently, crank the difficulty up to very hard/very hard and have a go at Armenia.

Unless you go very far out of your way, you will end up in a late-game war with a threatening Roman hegemony. Armenia is also probably not a campaign you’ve played too many times before. Certainly not with the added functionality from now being available without ‘hacks’.

Often overlooked, Armenia was a significant power broker for much of Roman history

Often overlooked, Armenia was a significant power broker for much of Roman history

Armenia faces a fairly unique start, defending its north from Scythians whilst battling Parthia to take advantage of Seleucid weakness. Their roster was always surprisingly well-rounded, and they can even field legionaries in the late game. The changes to mercenaries might lend themselves to interesting strategies involving hiring men from to steppe and ferrying them across the black sea. Of course, if you have already played the original extensively, you probably don’t need me to tell you who to pick, but Armenia is the top choice for this Total War fanatic.

Honourable Mention

The Seleucids

Always the first AI to be defeated, the Seleucids have one of the most unique and difficult starts. Vultures hover around your empire on all sides. If you have just finished conquering far and wide with the first option offered, the Seleucids are a great option for a second campaign. They offer a great change from the other campaigns, as you must begin by fighting defensively, maintaining rather than expanding.

Alternatively, try the fantastic Barbarian Invasion expansion campaign, which offers a very different kind of challenge to the Imperial campaign. 

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