Two Point Campus: How to Get Three Stars in Freshleigh Meadows

Achieving full completion on Two Point Campus is a great challenge. Three stars on every level is required, where some objectives can be difficult to complete. Begin your long journey with minimal stress with this guide for Freshleigh Meadows. It may be the tutorial campus, but it's not easy to 100%.

Two Point Campus: How to Get Three Stars in Freshleigh Meadows

Fans of Two Point Campus have spent the past month progressing through the game’s many levels. Some players have gained one star then moved on, but there are others who are determined to leave no campus incomplete. Getting three stars requires completing some challenging objectives which only increase in difficulty as your journey progresses. From achieving a student happiness rating of 80% to having 20 students graduate with an A+, times can get stressful without some help. This guide for Two Point Campus will show you how to get three stars in Freshleigh Meadows.

Acting as the game’s tutorial, this is the first campus. It doesn’t hold your hand towards completion however. At a certain point, you’re left to fend for yourself. This article will help to ease you in further as a new player by providing useful strategies and tips for every objective. You won’t have to commit the dreaded act of leaving Freshleigh Meadows and coming back later on, not remembering how you left it.

One Star

  • Campus Level 5

This is impossible to not fulfil, as the tutorial objectives will include improving your campus enough that it will reach level 5.

  • Average Student Happiness Rating 60%

With social events unavailable at this early point, placing plenty of entertainment items is the best way to achieve this rating. A low amount of students means that this shouldn’t be much of a challenge. A similar objective will pop up later on when this Two Point Campus guide advises you on how to get three stars.

  • Pass a Virtual Normality Class with Grade C

During the first year, this should be accomplished since C is the average grade. Keep staff and student happiness at a good level just to make sure.

Freshleigh Meadows is easy compared to other campuses like this

Freshleigh Meadows is easy compared to other campuses like this

Two Stars

  • Campus Level 9

Place more rooms around your campus, such as extra bathrooms and dormitories. Improve existing ones too by increasing their room prestige. Your students levelling up during their stay will also contribute to this objective.

  • Earn $150,000

This number may seem a bit daunting, but monthly profits are kind to players in Freshleigh Meadows. That is unless you hire more staff than required. A good tip in this Two Point Campus guide is that currency can be earned at a faster rate by building more dormitory rooms. This will increase the amount of rent paid by students. $150k can be obtained in the space of an in-game year.

  • Average Dormitory Satisfaction Rating 70%

Arguably, this is one of the more challenging objectives when looking at how to get three stars. The recommended method for earning $150,000 will also help towards achieving this. You should focus on improving the room prestige of every dorm as well. A great way of doing this is by placing multiple different posters on the walls. They give a big boost to the prestige level, as long as you don’t duplicate the same design. Three or four rooms of similar high quality should be more than enough.

  • Satisfy 10 Personal Goals

Basically, accept as many student-requested goals as possible. They will often ask for items which cost Kudosh, that you may have earned a good amount of at this stage. These ‘premium’ objects will usually be inexpensive to purchase though, such as a love bench. You may find that some personal goals will automatically be fulfilled, as whatever a student wants will already be present. A simple objective overall.

First day on the job and you're helping create future professors

First day on the job and you’re helping create future professors

Three Stars

  • Upgrade Any Course to Level 4

Your first Two Point Campus three star objectives start off in an easy way. At the beginning of each year, the game will ask if you wish to upgrade any of your courses. By the time you’ve gained two stars, you should have enough course points to bring Virtual Normality up to level 4. If not, then you can earn more points through completing further years and increasing your campus level.

  • 10 A Grade Classes

This task could take the longest amount of time to complete. It requires students to be happy and have good learning ability, as well as skilled teachers. After just upgrading your chosen course, you’ll be able to hire staff possessing skill levels 3 and above. Pupils should be hitting high grades as long as their morale is positive. Don’t worry about cost, as increased student intake should cover it and keep you well in profit.

  • Average Happiness Rating 65%

Unfortunately, don’t expect this to be as easy as the one star objective. Your campus is more populated, meaning there’s more people that can be unhappy. Continue to place down entertainment items and take action on student wishes. Doing this will keep everyone satisfied. A rating of 65% is more likely to be met during the summer break. Due to no schedule, students will spend time getting their needs back to normal and find their smile again.

  • 10 Students Graduate

Unless one of your initial group of students experiences a severe decline, you’ll definitely have 10 graduates at the end of Freshleigh Meadows’ third year. Ideally, the graduation ceremony will also be your crowning moment of completing this campus. Three stars down, 33 more to go!

Do you have any other Two Point Campus tips on how to get three stars in Freshleigh Meadows? Let us know in the comments below!

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