Two Point Campus: 10 Tips for Increasing Happiness

Good morale is crucial when trying to run a successful university. This guide provides many Two Point Campus tips to help players increase the happiness of their students and staff. Both groups have different and similar needs, which can result in making life rather difficult.

Two Point Campus: 10 Tips for Increasing Happiness

Staff and students can be a handful on Two Point Campus. Teachers need to be highly qualified and doing their jobs well, while pupils need to be succeeding in their education and taking care of themselves. Unfortunately, it’s easy for both groups to become dissatisfied in their environments. If problems aren’t dealt with, then you may have multiple people threatening to quit/drop out. Keeping morale levels high is a challenge that’s necessary in order for every campus to be a success. Employees and students each have a variety of solutions to fix periods of unhappiness. Here are 10 Two Point Campus tips for increasing happiness.


Provide Large Break Rooms

Everyone enjoys work breaks, especially during a long shift. They are crucial in Two Point Campus for keeping staff happiness high, and are your staff’s only way of regaining energy. Sleep does not exist for them apparently. When beginning a campus, you may feel like only a small staff room is necessary. Expanding it while also building more is important later on though. As your number of employees increases, a lack of room capacity will cause longer waiting times for breaks. No one is happy when they’re tired.

There for a long time and a good time

There for a long time and a good time

The best staff room should be big enough to contain as many items as possible. Placing arcade machines and coffee tables, for example, will ensure that multiple basic needs are being cared for at once. An exhausted library assistant swapping out for a fully refreshed colleague will keep the campus running smoothly. This tip is a big step towards keeping morale meters consistently high.

Raise Salaries if Possible

Admittedly, this is a last resort in case other tips leave you just short of reaching one of Two Point Campus‘ staff happiness objectives. Earning money can be tough and giving it away is even tougher. As your campus progresses and staff improve through training, some may want a pay rise. Usually, they will only come to you directly if they become very upset about the subject. If you have to sack one of the lowest paid teachers to afford a wage increase, then do it. It’s a small price to pay for success.

Satisfying all requests will keep everyone happy... for a day or two

Satisfying all requests will keep everyone happy… for a day or two

You can choose to improve staff wages at any time through the menus. You can either do this for an individual or for everyone and all future hires. It’s not a highly recommended piece of advice, but it’s an easy option if you’re desperate to achieve three stars on a campus then move on. If you’re doing very well with finances and feeling kind, though, then this generosity will contribute to staff’s overall happiness long-term.

Regular Training

No employee is content with never getting better at their job in this game. When you select a member of staff, you may often see a message that they want training. Ignoring this can lead to some disgruntlement. If you have the funds, then there should always be someone in the training room. One session can provide them with a morale boost until they eventually decide they want to improve even further.

All of your staff want to be the best

All of your staff want to be the best

This Two Point Campus tip is beneficial not just for overall happiness but also for your campus’ reputation. The better your employees, the better quality of life and education for your students. High level teachers will almost guarantee great grades all across the board. This, in turn, contributes to the pupils’ mood. It’s a win-win for everyone in the university!

Minimal Responsibilities

One nice customisation option, that some players may not be aware of, is editing the roles that a member of staff has. For example, a new hire in the teaching department will automatically be assigned to every role they’re qualified to work in. This can be changed so that the teacher only works in private tuition. It’s a good way of making sure everyone sticks to the tasks which they are best at.

Work smarter, not harder

Work smarter, not harder

Having minimal responsibilities will have a positive effect on happiness when it comes to breaks. Staff will be able to leave their posts without then being called to a different area. Otherwise, energy levels can be very low. A tired assistant being called away from their food kiosk, or even their break, to work in the library could have a bad impact on students’ assignments. Good, smart management is very important in order to have a happy campus.

Increase Campus Attractiveness

Room prestige plays a big role in keeping staff happiness levels high on Two Point Campus. People don’t enjoy working in ugly, small rooms. Improving the attractiveness of a room through placing plants and posters, and increasing the prestige in the process, will make your staff more satisfied. Yes, that poster of DJ Sue Chef in a lecture theatre will bring a smile to any teacher’s face.

No one wants to work in an ugly environment

No one wants to work in an ugly environment

Remember that the main hallways and the exterior of a campus also need to look appealing. Staff may experience a drop in morale when going from a pretty office to a miserable walkway. Their satisfaction should be kept as consistent as possible as sometimes that happiness may not suddenly return. Your team of workers can be challenging to deal with, but following all of these tips will make your life easier. If Gregory on the hotdog kiosk is still throwing a strop, then feel free to show them the door.


Hold Events Regularly

In real life, socialising is one of the most important parts of the university experience. Meeting new people and making memories is key to consistent happiness, even in Two Point Campus. You can hold as many different events as you wish throughout each year, either in the student lounge or student union in the form of a SU party. The latter is where musical performances happen from professionals or the students themselves. Some artists provide a huge happiness boost of 40%. Those are the ones who you should book as often as possible.

It's party time all the time

It’s party time all the time

Competitions can also contribute to morale, albeit only if your campus is successful. Your best pupils on a specific course can get an extra spring in their step. The end result could potentially be achieving a very high overall grade at the end of the academic year. Also, having bragging rights is always nice. If you’re struggling for morale, scheduling to face off against weaker campuses is an easy way to get some wins and help your teams.

Send to Pastoral Care

University isn’t smooth sailing at all. Times can get tough, creating negative emotions and possibly failing grades. It’s important to continuously check on students throughout the year. Don’t wait for those dreaded “____ is thinking of dropping out!” messages because sometimes it can be too late. Those who are struggling will usually get themselves to services like pastoral care or the medical office, but they may leave it until the last minute.

Mental health always comes first

Mental health always comes first

If you spot someone beginning to decline in happiness, then it’s recommended that you send them to get help immediately if possible. On their profile, you can manually tell them to go to the pastoral office. This will give them a boost and prevent their situation from worsening. This is a great tip that will prevent you having five students threatening to leave at once.

Fulfil Personal Goals

Students can be quite demanding, and are not afraid of telling you what they want. In Two Point Campus, personal goals and requests play a huge part in elevating student happiness. You will often get messages asking for a specific item or room to be placed. Of course, these are most frequent when a campus is in its early years. Personal goals range from starting a power-nap club to holding a student union event. Fulfilling these will give the requesters a small increase in morale, while rejecting them will have the opposite effect.

Students always want their campus to improve

Students always want their campus to improve

You will also receive assignment requests, where people ask for something which will help them complete an assignment. For Knight School attendants, they may ask for a dragon castle or target dummies. It can be more difficult to accept these requests. This is because the items can be expensive and require teaching rooms to be expanded. Being unable to help has dire consequences, though, as the student’s happiness and grade will both be affected from not completing their project. It can easily kick off a downward spiral.

Build Big Social Rooms

Going back to events, it’s recommended that the social rooms are large in order to get the most out of them. The larger the student union, for example, the more students that can attend and reap the happiness rewards. Filling up the empty spaces with entertainment items and another bar will ensure that the room is enjoyable even when there’s nothing going on. Sitting on tables having a few drinks is fun, but playing some darts or arcade games is also nice.

A good room to break the ice for first year pupils

A good room to break the ice for first year pupils

Student lounges similarly benefit from being sizeable rooms. Placing more food, drink and energy items will help more people cater for multiple needs at once. Tired students can refresh themselves in these rooms and prevent potentially needing pastoral or medical care later on. Make sure to keep the room prestige high too by boosting up that attractiveness level.

Place Enough Food and Drink Resources

Of course, hunger and thirst are vital needs that will cause a student’s morale to plummet if not cared for. It’s crucial that you place enough food and drink resources all around your campus. You want your students to be able to have a vending machine or kiosk just a few steps away no matter where they are. Kiosks are highly recommended as they can be put outside, allowing pupils to have a quick break while walking from building to building. There’s a veggie stand too which helps to boost the healthiness need.

Your medical staff will be very busy if students aren't being fed

Your medical staff will be very busy if students aren’t being fed

You can see how well your campus is doing in the food and drink department by using the visualisation tool. Ideally, you’ll want to see a lot of green around the university. If you see that a few bodies are coloured orange, then that means more machines and kiosks are needed. Not everyone is going to be green as some students seem to prioritise their education over basic needs. They don’t seem to know that multi-tasking exists.

Do you have any other tips for increasing happiness in Two Point Campus? Let us know in the comments below!

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