Trails of Cold Steel – Hidden Quest Guide

There are many things that give you AP in Trails of Cold Steel, and you'll need all of them to get S-rank. Some quests are hidden, but using this guide you'll find every hidden quest in Trails of Cold Steel!

Trails of Cold Steel - Hidden Quest Guide


In Trails of Cold Steel, when you’re not studying for exams or hanging out with friends, you will be fulfilling requests sent into you from the surrounding township. Some of these requests are optional, free to be discarded by your youthful apathy and disregard for stupid old people. However, if you want to S-rank the month, you’ll have to complete those quests to get all available AP. This will show you how to achieve hidden quests in Trails of Cold Steel

But be warned! While most of your quests will be helpfully marked on your map, there are some that are entirely hidden. Missing these will affect your end-of-the-month review! Now, you could spend your time talking to literally every NPC you can until you find one with a quest, or you can use this handy little guide to know when and where these side quests will pop up. Personally, I prefer the latter.

This guide will list the chapter, name, day, location, and client for each hidden quest in Trails of Cold Steel. It will not, however, give you details on how to complete the quests (most of them are pretty straightforward anyway).



Chapter 1 

  • “Story of Seasoning” – April 18th/Evening – Kirsche’s Cafe & Inn – Fred
  • “A Day as a Merchant” – April 24th Day – Grand Market – Lymon

Chapter 2 

  • “A Rose by Any Other Name” – May 23rd/Evening – Art Room (2nd Floor) – Linde
  • “The Lost Traveler” – May 30th Day – Aurochs Fort – Anton

Chapter 3

  • “A Sticky Situation” – June 20th/Evening – Main Building – Munk
  • “Connecting Hearts” – June 27th/Day – Zender Gate – Sharl

Chapter 4

  • “Swimming Lessons” – July 18th/Day – Faculty Lounge – Neithardt
  • “A Brush with Destiny” – July 18th/Evening – Academy Field – Mr. Gyler
  • “In Case of Emergency” – July 26th/Day – Vainqueur Street – Bond

Chapter 5

  • “Swimming Lessons Mk. 2” – August 22nd/Day – Faculty Lounge – Sara
  • “The Sleeping Boy” – August 22nd/Evening – House south of Pawn Shop – Hanna
  • “Charm of Eisenritter” – August 29th/Day – Behind Bracer Guild – Cindy

Chapter 6

  • “Celestin’s Secret” – September 19th/Evening – Gym Training Hall – Patrick
  • “Midnight Hide-and-Seek” – September 25th/Evening – West of RF Store – Locomo

Chapter 7

  • “Duly Noted” – October 21st/Day – School Courtyard – Vince Principal

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Thanks for the detailed list! I’m using it right now. One thing though, A Day as a Merchant is actually in the evening, not the daytime- had to look that one up elsewhere

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