Tower of Fantasy Exploration Guide: Ruins, Supply Pods, and More

Tower of Fantasy is a Shared Open World MMORPG that focuses on open-world explorations, Monsters-hunting, and gathering materials. With that in mind, there are tons of explorations that players will encounter in the game. This guide will explain several of the exploration parts of Tower of Fantasy, including the Ruins and Supply Pods.

Tower of Fantasy Exploration Guide Ruins, Supply Pods, and More Cover

Tower of Fantasy successfully launched its Global Release on August 11th. The open world and MMORPG nature of this game mean that there are tons of explorations that await the players. This Tower of Fantasy exploration guide will shed some light on some of those aspects, giving you an easier time when you encounter them in-game.

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The Ruins: Straightforward With Small Twists

In Tower of Fantasy, there are Ruins scattered around the world. These structures act as domains that players must venture into and clear alone for the rewards that lurk within.

The Ruins themselves are pretty straightforward. Players must sift through areas that are filled with enemies, as well as face off one Boss-type enemy before they can clear a Ruin.

Ruin A-01 entrance, located near the Aster Shelter.

Ruin A-01 entrance, located near the Aster Shelter.

However, that’s not all there is inside a Ruin. Oftentimes, you will encounter Puzzles that you must solve before entering the next area. These Puzzles vary depending on the Ruin you’re trying to complete.

We’re going to use Ruin B-01 which is located in the Banges region as an example. Inside the Ruin, we will encounter three Puzzles, one main Puzzle that you must solve, and two optional Chest Puzzles, if you’re looking for a perfect run.

The Ruins do not generate rewards after the first-time completion, but it will still have the chests you missed during your first run. Currently, there are 3 Ruins located in each region, totaling 15 Ruins that players can explore.

Supply Pods: Resource Providers

Tower of Fantasy’s open world contains an abundance of things to find and collect. One of the main highlights is the Supply Pods. They provide players with abundant EXP and materials, making them a great tool for players to level up and gather the necessary materials for upgrades.

Supply Pods come with two tiers, Tier I and Tier II. Tier I Supply Pods are purple-colored, and it is the common type you can find in-game. You can find these pods within the enemies’ camps, and rooftops across the game’s regions.

Tier II Supply Pods are orange-colored, and they’re rare pods of Tower of Fantasy. Usually, they are located in hard-to-reach areas (such as high cliffs, difficult enemy camps, and rural areas of the game). However, if you manage to net yourself one of these pods, you can gain greater rewards compared to Type I Supply Pods.

Supply Pods are exclusive to each player, meaning that they don’t have to be afraid that other players within the same channel will snatch them up from them. 

Dandelions: A Steady Income of Seeds

There are many Dandelions you can find within Tower of Fantasy. Players can find them in the wilderness. You can easily spot a Dandelion since one of them contains 3 bright Dandelion Seeds, or, if it’s your first time getting that Dandelion, 2 Dandelion Seeds and 1 Black Nucleus.

To access the Seeds, you must slash the plant first. By doing so, the three rewards will be detached from the main body, and you must get them one by one before you can claim the bounty.

A Dandelion. These respawn every day, so you can come back every once in a while to gather the Dandelion Seeds.

A Dandelion. These respawn every day, so you can come back every once in a while to gather the Dandelion Seeds.

Tar Pit: Nucleus’ Hiding Spot

Tar Pit is another aspect of explorations that will net you a reward. They are rocky, cave-like structures and they have tar that covers their entrance. 

To gain access to the reward within, players must ignite them using fire-based characters, such as King. Unfortunately, there are no known methods to access Tar Pits.

Once you’re able to do so, the tar will dissipate and reveal the reward within. You can claim x1 Black Nucleus, or, if you’re lucky, you can even find x1 Gold Nucleus inside.

Tar Pits are located near cliffside areas, and below is a sample picture of a Tar Pit within the Astra region.

A Tar Pit. You can find these in the cliff areas across all regions.

A Tar Pit. You can find these in the cliff areas across all regions.

Co-op Towers: Time to Work Together With Other Players

The next landmark inside Tower of Fantasy is the Co-op Towers. These structures omit a stark and bright red aura that players can see from the distance. You can find the Co-op Towers near The Ruins area.

To access these towers, players need another player so that they can activate the tower and unlock the reward in the center. To do this, players need to step into the allocated areas (There are 4 of them, and you can pick whatever sides you want).

Once you have done so, the Co-op Tower will open, and you can get the Chest inside. Do keep in mind that you need a Purple Decipher if you wish to gain the maximum rewards. Don’t worry, you can still claim it even if you don’t have one. However, the rewards will be reduced by a margin.

A Co-op Tower. Players need to work together with at least one other player to activate these towers.

A Co-op Tower. Players need to work together with at least one other player to activate these towers.

Tower of Fantasy Exploration Guide Conclusion

Tower of Fantasy has a vast open world, with many secrets, opportunities, and enemies that await the players. Hopefully, with this Tower of Fantasy Exploration Guide, you will have an easier time while gliding through the game’s regions. Tower of Fantasy is available for free on Mobile and PC. 

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