Top 4 Chivalry Medieval Warfare Mods

The hack-and-slash title, Chivalry Medieval Warfare has been out for some time. But, that's not to say it's still not a fun game to play; one of the best parts of Chivalry Medieval Warfare is definitely the community, who have created some pretty great unorthodox mods. Therefore, here is a list of the four best mods available for the game.

Top 4 Chivalry Medieval Warfare Mods

4) Castle Black

Here is one for fans of the hit-television show Game of Thrones. Do you wish to fight alongside the men of the Night's Watch? Well, you can do now. Intrepid user PewPewPewBow has created this impressive recreation of Castle Black from Game of Thrones. Like all of the mods on this list, you can find it on the Steam Workshop.

3) Mario 1-1 

By far on the stupendous mods available for Chivalry Medieval Warfare, the Mario 1-1 mod allows you to fight in a Mario-styled arena. After being created by three users: Eggplant, Big Spender, and Big Beans – this mod stands as one of the highest rated mods for Chivalry Medieval Warfare. In addition, the creators have really gone to town to make this mod authentic, as the blocks are interactive and have the original sounds from classic Mario games. If you want to find out more details, check out the Steam Workshop page for the mod.

2) Giant Slayers 

This mod is one of the most peculiar mods available for the game. The Giant Slayers mod, which was created by user Crustacean Soup, allows players to fight against giants – hence the name. Every player starts off as 60 percent normal size, and are granted the ability to steadily increase in size by 15 percent with every successful kill. Of course, death reverts you back to your normal size. If you're looking to play the game will multiple friends, this mod is definitely for you. 

1) Star Wars

Have you ever wanted to be a knight running around with a lightsaber on Star Wars orientated maps, such as Mustafar and the Duel of Fates location on the Planet of Naboo? If so, this mod is the perfect fit for you. With stunning sound effects, and maps that really go to high detail, this mod is awe-inspiring. This mod continues to grow, thanks to the Chivalry community, and is well worth your time if you are a keen Star Wars fan. If you want to find the mod, there is a wide variety on the Steam Workshop, so you can pick and choose the ones you like best.

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