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Thymesia: Urd Boss Fight Guide

Thymesia has a suite of tough bosses to tackle, but perhaps the hardest is Urd, the King's Dagger. This optional boss will challenge players with a move-set that differs from anything else in the game and fast dodging attacks. She can be tough to nail down, so here's everything you need to know about how to beat Urd in Thymesia.

Thymesia Urd Boss Fight Guide

As a Souls-like, Thymesia was destined to have some difficult bosses for players to contend with.

Urd is the most difficult of these bosses, as well as being perhaps the best in the entire game. She feels much different than anything else you and Corvus have fought, which makes her appear even more daunting at first.

Here’s how you can beat Urd and all you need to know about the fight in Thymesia.

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How To Find Urd, The King’s Dagger

Urd is an optional boss fight in Thymesia, so if you are just following the main story progression you won’t meet her.

Once you get to Hermes Fortress, you will clear the main quest and defeat Varg at the end. You can either continue onto the Ocean of Memories to complete the game or you can venture into Hermes Fortress once more. This is what you need to do.

In Hermes Fortress Sub-Quest 1, you will spawn at the Cathedral where you kill Varg. Your goal? Kill Urd, The King’s Dagger

Battle back through the level as you did the first time until you come across the fortress courtyard. You’ll find a new enemy stalking the grounds, a great sword knight who must be killed to proceed. After him, you will get a key that can open the door to the town on the right side of the courtyard. This is denoted by a large wooden wheel which must be interacted with.

This will lead you back into the tutorial area from the start of the game, only with a few new enemy spawns and locations. 

Get back to where you finished the tutorial in your battle with Varg and instead you will find Urd, waiting for you. Prepare to fight.

Urd Enters The Fight

Urd Enters The Fight

Urd Moveset

Compared to other enemies and bosses in Thymesia, Urd is most similar to Odur. Instead of a big meaty target like Varg or the Hanged Queen, Urd will dance around the battlefield and she will attack very quickly.

Her move set largely centres around a few core moves which can play at random. Most of these moves become augmented during her second phase, which starts when you take down her first HP bar.

Phase 1

Triple Thrust Attack: Urd will reel back and prepare for a triple thrust attack with her weapon. This will come very quickly in three bursts. When you get hit by one, you will likely be hit by the others. The best counter here is to try and deflect the attacks as they come at you.

Quick Stab Step: Urd will do a quick dash to either the left or the right, followed up by a forward stab towards the player. She may do more than one quickset in a row, so keep an eye out. Try to deflect this attack, as it is only a single strike, but you can also try dodging backwards as the attack has a set distance.

Uppercut Slash Into A Thrust: Urd will slash her blade upwards before landing and going into a thrust towards the player. If you get caught in the first uppercut, you will likely get hit by the thrust. You can deflect both attacks.

Urd Concept Art

Urd Concept Art

Jumping Spear Throw: Urd has two attacks where she jumps into the air. The first is that she leaps into the air before throwing down a spear at the player’s current location. You can dodge this or deflect it, which will cause it to bounce and land away from the player.

The spears that Urd throws here become a secondary attack later. They will detonate with a whiteish-blue AoE after some time, often after she does the Jumping Spear Throw again. Avoid these if you can as they will knock down a decent chunk of your health.

Jumping Smash: Urd’s second jumping attack is much quicker. Instead of gaining height she will leap towards you in a roll and try to slam down on top of you with a spear. This attack does do a light AoE around it if you aren’t quick enough to dodge. This attack can be parried, however. 

Charged Stab Attack: The final attack in her initial moveset is her charged attack. This is where an enemy enters a state that must be interrupted using Corvus’ feather attack, or else the attack will follow through. Here, she will pull her sword back and then glow green, before bursting forward in an unlockable attack. You must use Corvus’ feather as she is coming towards you as it will do nothing to her if she is stationary.

Once you have taken down her first health bar, a fancy execution animation will play before the second phase starts.

Urd Phase Change

Urd Phase Change

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins with Urd’s Ultimate boss attack. Every spear she has previously thrown into the ground will light up, as well as the area she currently occupies, and a wide AoE will surround them. Move out of the way before they detonate as it will deal heavy damage to you.

Urd now has some blue lights moving around her, signifying that she is powered up.

Double Thrust Then Triple Thrust Attack: Like before, Urd will reel back and come in for a set number of thrust attacks. This time, however, she will perform two to start before waiting a moment and then doing the usual three. You will be slipped up if you are too used to the timing of the initial attack. All five hits are deflectable, so just keep calm and time your parry well.

Quick Ground Slam: Urd will slowly walk towards the player before bursting forward with a smash attack into the ground with one of her spears. This move is similar to the jumping air smash but on the ground instead. This attack will pin you to the ground for a moment in a special animation so take care to dodge or deflect this one.

Charged Uppercut: She gains two new charged attacks in this phase. The first is a charged uppercut that she will usually use after performing the double-triple thrust attack. Like in phase one, Urd will lean back and then perform an uppercut, with this attack becoming unblockable instead. Hit her with a feather as she is releasing the attack for a brief window of opportunity.

Charged Spinning Slash: The second charged attack is a spinning slash in the area surrounding her. This will often follow the uppercut-thrust attack which is carried over from the first phase. Once again, interrupt her as she is releasing the attack. If you hit her while she is standing still it will not stun her.

Phase Shift Ultimate: The ability that Urd used to start this phase can occur again if enough time passes. She will begin to glow red, showing that there is an unavoidable attack coming. Simply avoid the AoEs that appear from the spears and you should be fine.

Do all this and keep an eye on your health and you should be able to beat her.

Tear Everything Down

Tear Everything Down

General Advice

Here is some general advice on how to beat Urd in Thymesia. This includes what skills work best against her or what Plague Weapons you should bring. 

Overall, Urd moves around a lot more than other bosses. As such, she will often dodge certain Plague Weapon or Claw attacks and you may feel that it is safer to just continue going with your sword. You shouldn’t neglect your Claw attack, however. If you do not weave between both, it will get to the point where Urd’s Wounds have surpassed her health bar and you will just have to rely on your Claw alone which can drag out the fight and make it feel far less fun.

A good mix of Strength and Plague will assure that you are dealing ample damage to take Urd down fast. Having 5 or more Vitality will make sure that you are surviving her deadliest attacks with a significant amount of health – if she catches you in her thrusting attacks, the second Phase of five strikes will take you very close to death, however. 

Plague Weapons

For Plague Weapons, there are a few options.

The first is the Great Sword. This weapon will always stun a target that it hits with its attack, allowing you not only some free hits but also a way to counter annoying moves or enemies. However, with Urd, you have to be careful. Because she dodges around the arena so much, she will often dodge out of the path of the Plague Weapon, leaving you open. The Great Sword is still a good pick for how it can interrupt her and allow you to go in for some nice hits, but be aware of its weaknesses in this fight. Varg’s Plague Weapon sword is also decent with higher damage but more room for error, so pick your poison here.

Great Sword Plague Weapon

Great Sword Plague Weapon

Another good option is a ranged Plague Weapon like the Bow. While Urd dodges most melee weapons mainly due to her dashing and dodging, she cannot avoid ranged attacks very well. As such, peppering her with some Bow shots before deflecting as she closes in on you is a good way to start chipping away at her health.

If blocking and deflecting isn’t comfortable for you, Miasma is a good choice. Get this weapon from Odur and makes your dodge turn you into mist instead, making your invincibility frames higher and making it easier to dodge out of attacks. You can dodge all of Urd’s attacks, aside from some of the Charged attacks. If you prefer that style of play maybe try Miasma.

Ironically, Urd’s own Plague Weapon Spear is also a great pick. This is a long ranged spear throw that sticks in a target before detonating after a set period. While Urd will often dodge the spear throw if she isn’t attacking, catching her at the end of a combo or charged attack will mean that she is stationary enough for the spear to properly stick her. The detonation will stun her, allowing for some nice attacks. If you get the time to steal away her Plague Weapon during the fight, it will be a good asset. 


As for skills, I found that Long Dodge often worked better than Quick Dodge here. The shorter dodges don’t provide enough distance when compared to the Urd’s set distance, meaning that I would get caught in some of her thrusting attacks too often. With Long Dodge, I had just enough freedom to get out and get into the fight much faster.

If you are having trouble deflecting but don’t want to dodge, taking the skill upgrade that widens your deflect window is a great pick here. You’ll deal less deflection damage but you will likely get more deflections off as a result. If you are on the opposite end and are a parry god, consider Precise Deflection which heightens the damage dealt by deflections without an increase to the window.

Long Dash vs Short Dash

Long Dash vs Short Dash

The choice between the Long Claw Attack and Short Claw Attack is a tricky one and mostly down to personal choice. The Long Claw can lock Urd down and allow for a series of follow-up saber strikes that can deal very nice damage. However, she is likely to dodge out of the way and behind you mid-Claw, making it feel inconsistent to use. Short Claw on the other hand doesn’t provide as many windows to lock down Urd but is a lot safer and can hit a lot more often, even when she dodges away. Here it is mostly a choice dependent on your play style.

Feather Dash allows you to get right up to Urd after interrupting her charged attacks. She will do these pretty frequently in the second phase so this skill lets you keep damaging her without ceasing. Like most bosses, Healthy Execution is good for a last-minute bit of healing on the Phase change, but if you need to put the points into other things then do it. Saber Attacks to increase sword damage will always be good. 

Keep all these in mind and you know everything you need to beat Urd, the King’s Dagger. Return to Aismey to get some additional lore.

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