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Thymesia: How To Unlock All Endings

Thymesia is the newest Souls-like to hit the market and like many other it has multiple endings to unlock. These can be earned in mostly the same way through a choice at the end of the game, but some of the endings are better hidden than others. Here's how to unlock every ending in Thymesia.

Thymesia How To Unlock All EndingsLike most Souls-likes, Thymesia has multiple endings depending on your actions and what you decide at the end. In total, 5 unique endings need to be found, each of which award a trophy or achievement upon completion. 

Thymesia’s endings may seem a bit more complicated than they first appear, however. Despite being fairly simple to execute there are lots of moving pieces and requirements to make sure you get the right endings. There are about 47 different combinations at the end of the game, with only 4 giving a unique ending. As such, knowing where to go and how to complete them will be very useful.

Here’s how to get every ending in Thymesia

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How to Get Different Endings in Thymesia

In order to get different endings in Thymesia, you simply need to make a choice at the end of the game. What you choose and the options at your disposal will influence which ending you get out of a group of 5.

Throughout the game, you will encounter a variety of different bosses in both main and sub-quests. These bosses drop special items called Cores. There are 3 different types of Core:

  • Vile-Blood Core
  • Pure-Blood Core
  • Mutated Core

The lore and story of Thymesia are about how different variations on Vile and Pure Blood affect people and change them. As such, each ending reinforces this. 

Once you have beaten the final boss you return to the Hill to speak to Aismey. She will ask you to combine two of the Cores. Depending on which Cores you combine, you will get a different ending. 

As previously stated there are 47 different combinations. This is because there are 7 Cores dropped by bosses throughout the game. Only 4 combinations will produce a unique ending. 

The future is in your hands

The future is in your hands

Where to Find Cores

Cores are dropped by the bosses of Thymesia. Along the main story you will only find 3 of these Cores, none of which is enough to get one of the unique endings. These Cores are:

  • Odur’s Core: This Core is obtained when defeating the first boss in the game, Odur, at the Sea of Trees. His Core is a Vile-Blood Core.
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core: This Core is obtained when defeating the second boss in the game, the Hanged Queen, at the Royal Gardens. Her Core is a Mutated Core.
  • Varg’s Core: This Core is obtained when defeating the third boss in the game, a rematch against Varg, at Hermes Fortress. His Core is a Pure-Blood Core.

There are 4 other Bosses sprinkled throughout the game, 2 of which only appear after you have already beaten the game once. As such, only 3 of the 5 available endings can be accessed on your first run-through and the 2 others will have to wait until after. You will have to defeat the final boss at least 5 times to get every ending.

The other bosses that drop Cores are:

  • The Sound of the Abyss Core: This Core is dropped from the Sound of the Abyss, a hidden boss in the Royal Gardens. To access this boss, you must complete the first Royal Gardens sub-quest which will unlock the Underground Laboratory location. Enter this subquest and the Sound of the Abyss will be found waiting for you at the end. This Core is a Vile-Blood Core.
  • Urd’s Core: This Core belongs to the Royal Princess, Urd. You fight her during the first sub-quest in Hermes Fortress. She is waiting where you first fought Varg during the tutorial. Urd is easily one of the most difficult fights in the game Her Core is a Pure-Blood Core.

Once you have beaten the game, you can undertake a new sub-quest in the Sea of Fools. This is a ‘fight’ against the God of Fools. You have to traverse the level, defeating enemies from the Sea of Fools while avoiding the boss’ AoE poison and damage. Reach the end of the level and you kill it in one execution. This drops the God of Fool’s Core, which belongs to the Vile-Blood category. 

Take this Core back to Aismey and she will conclude that Odur is still alive. This will unlock another new sub-quest, the final optional fight against Mutated Odur. Defeat him and he will now drop the Mutated Odur’s Core, which unsurprisingly belongs to the Mutated Core category.

EDIT: Some people are reporting that you can get access to all of the cores, including the God of Fool’s Core and Mutated Odur’s Core, on your first playthrough. The sub-quests for these Cores only unlocked after I had defeated Corvus in the Ocean of Memories, but this was on pre-release. They may unlock earlier in the full game. 

Now that you have all the Cores, how do you use them?

The core problem

The core problem

Farming Endings

One tip to note is that to unlock different endings in Thymesia you do not have to go through the entire game again. 

Instead, after reloading your save and coming back to the Philosopher’s Hill, simply go back to the memory map and retry the final boss fight in the Ocean of Memories. This is a rematch against the final boss, Corvus, and once you beat it you will be taken back to Aismey. 

This is a far quicker way to get every ending rather than completing the game over and over again. Defeating Corvus also drops a ton of Runes, enough for a whole level every time you beat him, so if you need a quick and fast way to hit Level 50 for that achievement, try grinding out the Ocean of Memories stage.

Also, note that when the game asks you ‘Is this the Truth?’ it is simply asking if you wish to see the credits. You can still load a save after you have selected the ‘truth’ and get the other endings.

Ending 1: Chaos Ending

This ending is the most common. 

When speaking to Aismey, you should combine any unrelated Cores. This means combining any combination of Vile-Blood, Pure-Blood or Mutated Cores. Make sure that they are not of the same type. 

Once you do this you will get the Chaos Ending. The Alchemical Formula will be too unstable and chaotic, plunging the world into further rampant chaos and madness than previously. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if you had just learnt more information.

This ending accounts for the majority of endings at 43 of the 47 possible Core combinations.

Chaos Ending

Chaos Ending

Ending 2: Power of Vile Blood Ending

This Thymesia ending embraces the darkness in the world.

When speaking to Aismey, you should combine any of the 3 Vile-Blood Cores. The 3 Vile-Blood Cores are:

  • Odur’s Core: obtained from Sea of Fool’s main quest.
  • Sound of the Abyss Core: obtained from the Underground Laboratory sub-quest 1 in the Royal Gardens.
  • The God of Fool’s Core: obtained from the God of Fool’s boss fight sub-quest in the Sea of Fool’s (only available after beating the game).

By combining any 3 of these Cores you will get the Power of Vile Blood Ending

Corvus embraces the power of Vile-Blood, distilling it into the Alchemical agent. It cures the plague but only by turning the world grotesque and twisted. All men become transformed and monsters now feed on the plague. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he also decides to wash his hands of his Alchemy partner Aismey for good. 

Vile Blood Ending

Vile Blood Ending

Ending 3: Blessing of Pure Blood Ending

This ending tries to find a way to cure, but at a cost.

When speaking to Aismey, you should combine the 2 Pure-Blood Cores. These Cores are:

  • Varg’s Core: obtained from Hermes Fortress main quest.
  • Urd’s Core: obtained from Hermes Fortress sub-quest 1.

By combing these two Cores, you achieve the Blessing of Pure Blood Ending.

In this ending, the power of Pure-Blood does push back the Plague. It cures those infected and the monsters who stalk the land eventually die. However, by empowering those already with Vile-Blood, Corvus and Aismey know power-hungry people will come trying to take the power of Alchemy for themselves. They decide that they must defend it with their lives, at any cost.

Pure Blood Ending

Pure Blood Ending

Ending 4: Harmonized Force Ending

This is where the confusion may begin for some. 

When speaking to Aismey you should combine the 2 Mutated Pure-Blood Cores. However, there is a caveat. This ending can only be achieved after you have already done this combination once already. The Cores you need for this ending comes from:

  • The Hanged Queen: obtained from the Royal Gardens’ main quest.
  • Mutated Odur: obtained from the Mutated Odur sub-quest in the Sea of Trees (only available after beating the game). 

This ending cannot be unlocked if you have beaten the God of Fools and the Mutated Odur bosses on that same save. As a result, you cannot get this ending the first time you have beaten the optional bosses. 

Yes, this is confusing. 

Combine these Cores and you will net yourself the Harmonized Force Ending.

Here, Corvus combines an unrefined version of the mutated Pure-Blood and Vile-Blood combination to try and aid the world. It cures those who have been enhanced by Vie and Pure Blood alike, leaving only the mundane to clean up the mess. The plague still exists and still looms, and Aismey hopes to find the cure one day – without Corvus.

Harmonized Forces Ending

Harmonized Forces Ending

Ending 5: Power of Cleansing Ending (True Ending)

This seems to be the ‘best’ and true ending of Thymesia. Once again, this one is quite confusing.

When speaking to Aismey you should combine the 2 Mutated Pure-Blood Cores. This is the same combination as the Harmonized Force ending but there is one difference. In the Power of Cleansing Ending, the Fool’s God and Mutated Odur have to be defeated on that save before fighting Corvus in the Ocean of Dreams. As such, you will likely get this ending before the Harmonized Force ending, despite it being a better ending. 

Once again, you get the Mutated Cores from:

  • The Hanged Queen: obtained from the Royal Gardens’ main quest.
  • Mutated Odur: obtained from the Mutated Odur sub-quest in the Sea of Trees (only available after beating the game). 

You will know that you have gotten this ending compared to the Harmonized Forces ending because a special version of the ending cutscene will play. Instead of just watching the Alchemical agent distil into the tree, Corvus will begin to walk forward and a new scene will play. Corvus will stab himself with the agent, sacrificing himself.

This is the Power of Cleansing Ending. By sacrificing himself, Corvus perfected the balance needed in the Alchemical agent. He was a Mutated specimen of Pure-Blood and Vile-Blood and so by combining the power of three mutated beings, the plague was beaten back while also cleansing the world of Vile and Pure Blood. This is a ‘perfected’ version of the Harmonized Forces ending. 

The True Ending

The True Ending

Ending Order Guide

Because the endings, especially the final two, are so convoluted here is a brief guide on how to get each of them in a quick enough time frame.

Playthrough 1

Complete the game by killing as many bosses as you can. This will likely result in you achieving the Chaos Ending due to a lack of Cores. However, if you do every sub-quest you will likely have enough for either the Blessing of Pure-Blood or the Power of Vile-Blood endings. These are interchangeable.

Playthroughs 2-3

Reload the game but ignore the new quests in the Sea of Trees. If you have not beaten the neccenecessaryes for the Blessing of Pure-Blood and Power of Vile-Blood endings, defeat them. These bosses are:

  • Blessing of Pure-Blood Ending: Varg and Urd.
  • Power of Vile-Blood Ending: Odur and Sound of the Abyss.

Go back to the Ocean of Memories with these Cores in tow and beat Corvus two more times, achieving either ending each time. This will net you 3 of the 5 endings.

The Ocean of Memories

The Ocean of Memories

Playthrough 4

Now, go back to the Sea of Trees and fight the God of Fool’s boss fight. Obtain the Core and then return to Aismey to gain access to the Mutated Odur sub-quest. Beat him and you will now have both of the Mutated Cores.

Return to the Ocean of Memories and beat Corvus. When speaking to Aismey, use the 2 Mutated Cores. Because you have beaten the God of Fools and Mutated Odur on this specific run, you will get the Power of Cleansing Ending.

Playthrough 5

After reloading for a final time, you will still have Odur’s Mutated Core in your inventory. Go back to the Ocean of Memories for one final fight with Corvus. 

Beat him and you will get to speak to Aismey. This time, when you turn in the 2 Mutated Cores, you will not have the boss completions required for the Power of Cleansing Ending. Instead, you will receive the Harmonized Forces ending. 

That is how you unlock all of the endings in Thymesia. 


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    There is some misinformation here. I got all the cores on my first playthrough.

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      Hey thanks for the feedback. I didn’t have access to the 4th and 5th subquests until after the final boss but that was prerelease. I’ve made an edit to the post with this in mind. Thank you again!


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