The Top 10 Mods for Total War: Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires

Total War is one of the best series for mods and Warhammer 3: Immortal Empires is no exception. From new units to diplomacy changes there’s always a way to fine tune the game to what you want. This list shows just fraction of what is available from the modding community.

The Top 10 Mods For Total War: Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires

The number of mods available for Warhammer 3 and it’s newest add on, Immortal Empires is mind boggling. The modding community has been hard at work. You can change the game easily to fit your preferences. Whether you want to make minor rule changes to fit the lore, or completely edit the game there will be a fitting mod. There are a lot specific mods for the Warhammer 3 campaign, but this list will focus on those that will improve the Immortal Empires game mode. Here is a selection of mods to revamp you Immortal Empires campaign.

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Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords

The Legendary Lords are massive boosts to your empire, both in combat prowess and faction wide bonuses. There are currently 86 Legendary Lords in Immortal Empire. Normally it can be a challenge to collect the Legendary Lords for your faction but fortunately there’s a mod to ease your woes.

You can choose to recruit, reject, kill or delay.

You can choose to recruit, reject, kill or delay.

The Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords mod transfers defeated Lords to factions that are still active. Whereas before you could miss out on one if you killed them, or another faction crushed them first, this mod gives you the chance to recruit them after their defeat. This mod is a great addition to an Immortal Empires campaign, as these powerful lords can be great boons to an offensive army or work as defensive titans whilst you reap their faction bonuses and buffs. Having access to a plethora or Legendary Lords will also help with those difficult end game scenarios. You can only recruit lords from appropriate factions, mostly those of the same races. Archaon the Everchosen won’t be fighting alongside Dwarven Hammerers or High Elf Archmages anytime soon. However, the Warriors of Chaos factions get the added bonus of being able to recruit Lords of different races aligned with Chaos, making for a very overpowered playthrough. Especially if you have the Champions of Chaos DLC as well.

The Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords mod was created by smOkin and Militus Immortalis and can be found on the Steam Workshop.

Better Camera Mod

Whilst often neglected, a camera mod can be a wonderful way to have a more cinematic total war experience. This mod contains simple changes for your Warhammer 3 experience. A higher camera limit, as well as the ability to zoom in without units disappearing. You can get great pictures of specific units in action, or the rest of the battlefield. If you’re a screenshot junkie looking to capture the epic moments that happen in Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires, this is one of the best mods to go for. Especially if you prefer the vanilla experience but with some extra pizazz.

Improved camera mods help you capture those epic Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires moments

Improved camera mods help you capture those epic Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires moments

The Better Camera Mod was created by Kam2150, and is available on Steam.

Reloading Animations and Details Matter

This is a two for one, and a solution to a personal pet peeve. That is that the ranged units don’t reload. Thankfully this mod makes the archers and gunners that little bit more realistic by adding a reloading animation. Details Matter is a great companion mod to this one. This mod will add quivers, ammo pouches and holsters for arrows, bullets and throwing axes. It’s a simple touch, but as the mod name implies, these details matter. If you want simple, low demand mods to improve Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Little details like a quiver go a long way

Little details like a quiver go a long way

Reloading Animations was made by Marthenil and Details Matter was made by Merwanor.

Loreful Strategic Threat

For the uninitiated, the Strategic Threat mechanic aims to encourage conflict between large factions and their neighbours. Essentially, the bigger you are, the more other factions dislike you as you are a threat to them. Whilst this works as a game mechanic, it can be frustrating lore wise. Wars erupt between factions that should be friendly, for example the Empire and the Dwarves.

The Loreful Strategic Threat mods removes the penalties amongst friends for expansion that doesn’t affect them. Instead, it adds two new types of disputes. Faction disputes, which means factions have attachment to specific territories. For example Reikland will want to hold Reikland, and will hate any other faction that holds it. The other addition is cultural disputes. This mean that factions will prefer certain territories to be held by a similar culture. This means Elves will prefer an Elven faction to hold Ulthuan. So the various Elven factions don’t care who holds the city of Lothern, as long as they are an Elf. If your frustrated at constantly being at war with those that should be your allies, this is one of the mods that will help revitalise you Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires campaign.

Loreful Strategic Threat was created by thesniperdevil and can be downloaded on the Steam Workshop.

Legendary Characters

There are literally hundreds of characters in Warhammer 3, but who says there can’t be more?! This mod adds an extra 23 legendary heroes to spice up your army. Each one gets a unique look and the modders look to be adding more, with the Skaven getting their heroes added next. The more characters the better I say. Mainly because they are cool, but also because they bring great bonuses to your armies and faction. Perhaps you will find your new favourite champion on this mod.

Praise the modders who add uniquely designed characters

Praise the modders who add uniquely designed characters

Legendary Characters mod was made by a team (The Skeleton Crew who can be found the discord ‘Da Modding Den‘) and put on Stratovarius’s Workshop on Steam.

Immortal Landmarks

There are a few mods that adapt the landmark feature of Warhammer 3 and Immortal Empires, which lets you build unique buildings in certain provinces. These buildings have unique bonuses, such as cheaper units, increased public order or better imperial authority for the Empire. They can be major improvements for your faction. There are already some in the game, but they are quite rare and often you end up building the same generic provinces.

The Immortal Landmarks mod adds an extra 150 landmarks to the map, with 300 new effects. Some of these sound great, such as the one that summons a storm in coastal regions to hamper seaborn armies. They are lore friendly for the most part as well, so you don’t have to worry about canon being ruined. More flavour to the world is always a good thing in my opinion, and this mod lets you have more variety to your empire.

Immortal Landmarks can be accessed here and was created by Heimdal.

Upgrade Units

One downside to Total War is that you often end up with a lot of early game units that no longer hold up in battle. Normally you would have to just disband them and recruit higher tier units. However, this mod lets you skip this step by directly upgrading units. For example, the Armoured Kossars of Kislev can be upgraded to Tsars Guard. Units aren’t going to see massive changes to their playstyle, but this mod helps smooth out some of the more grindy elements of the game. Plus it means you can hold onto the unit that you’ve been carrying the whole game and have grown attached to.

Make your early game units useful with an upgrade, rather than disbanding them

Make your early game units useful with an upgrade, rather than disbanding them

The Upgrade Units mod was made by prop joe and can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

Lead Vassal Warbands

Mods often work to fix issues the community has with Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires. Another such community fix to a problem in Warhammer 3 is this mod to make vassals more effective. Coordinating you vassal factions can be a struggle, but this mod aims to fix it. Before getting vassals to send military support was almost useless, but with Lead Vassal Warbands you can summon the nearest vassal armies to your Lord. They will only stay for 10 turns, but this will help you turn the tide on a difficult front. The number of warbands you can summon depends on your commander’s level, with 3 being the max. It’s a simple upgrade, but one that has a lot of potential to improve the vassal system, as currently, you’re better off conquering rather than vassalizing.

With this mod you may actually get some use out of your vassals

With this mod you may actually get some use out of your vassals

FiftyTifty made the Lead Vassal Warbands mod.

Legendary Lore

This one is for my fellow lore nerds, as well as those who want to learn it in a more organic way. This mod adds text that pops up when certain requirements are met. This could be building landmarks, killing certain lords or taking characters to certain locations. For example, you can learn more about the tragic past of Helman Ghorst, or the dark goals of Nagash. You can even take a character to the Chamber of Visions to get an insight into what happens to them in the end times. Having the lore delivered in a more relevant and organic way is a great addition to the game and one of the best mods for Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires. Well, at least if you enjoy extensive reading.

Legendary Lore can be accessed here, and was created by Oh_Man(TFE) and thesniperdevil.

Simple Dynamic Settlements

Another simple but welcome change comes with the Simple Dynamic Settlements mod. Previously if you take a settlement from an opponent, the settlement will look the same. This isn’t a massive problem but can look odd with humans occupying the dilapidated orc camps for example. This mod makes it so that the settlement will change to the controlling faction’s style. Having your growing empire look like it’s developing is a small but great change that adds that extra layer of realism and dynamism to your campaign. This is especially the case in Immortal Empires, as you will definetly expand beyond your factions normal lands and territories, and mods like these are a great addition to Warhammer 3.

Download Simple Dynamic Settlements here. This mod was made by Grandolph.

If you want to see what other mods are available for Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires, you can find a sea of them here at the Steam Workshop. The modding assembly kit has also been released if you have the skills to make you own mod. You can also check out the Total War Discord that has a dedicated Warhammer modding section.

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