The Spectrum Retreat – 5 Tips for the Full Experience

Don't get too lost in the world of the Penrose Hotel. Use this guide to help you get the best experience, understand why you checked into this very hotel and question your own nature as the secrets in the hotel start bleeding into life.

The Spectrum Retreat - 5 Tips for the Full Experience
You're checked into a mysterious hotel with mysterious patrons at your every need. Whilst faceless they're friendly, observant and clearly are of no harm to you. So here are 5 tips to help you enjoy your experience.

1. Reduce the Motion… Blur

This is just a small tip but if you don't have a high-end computer screen that can refresh things faster than Bob Ross' voice on a Sunday evening the game uses excessive motion blur in the more beautiful areas of the hotel without the option to turn it off. Strange though it may seem to have to destroy the ambiance of such beautiful crafted environments I did have to stop at one point to get rid of the motion sickness I felt.

2. There are secrets

Whilst very small and not very obvious, personally I didn't think there would be any, there are little secrets here and there designed for the world to be expanded upon. Doesn't seem like that much, but they tell of another story, not just yours.

The Spectrum Retreat - 5 Tips for the Full Experience. Breakfast is served at the same time every morning

3. It's a slow start to a fun middle and end

Don't get dissuaded by the simplicity of what amounts to having the right keycard for each puzzle. You'll get new mechanics later on in the game and each one is introduced. I admit I also questioned if this was all that would be to it in the very beginning but soon changed opinion as the game progressed.

4. Scope out the puzzles in their entirety

This is something I got from playing the game but before you start trying to complete a puzzle, double check to make sure you have everything. Quite a few times I ran down a puzzle thinking I completed it when I turned a corner and found a part of it that needed to be solved in the previous section.

5. Remember to mark down each day

This one I give for free, without any extra advice for it though. You have a calendar. It's not vital, it's nothing groundbreaking. Just remember to mark down what day it is. That's all.

The Spectrum Retreat - 5 Tips for the Full Experience. Colour is Key

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