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The Outer Worlds – Trophies & Achievements Complete List

A complete list of trophies and achievements for The Outer Worlds. This exhaustive list covers all platforms, so no matter where you play, we have you covered. Explore and survive the dangerous Halcyon system with the mentality of a completionist.

The Outer Worlds - trophies & achievements complete list

Obsidian’s latest RPG introduces us to the ultra-capitalist Halcyon system, a hellish frontier occupied by monsters, smugglers ad brand obsessed corporations. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about game’s 49 achievements and how to unlock them. Getting 100% achievements in The Outer Worlds can be fun but also quite a hard job. However, if you love the game, it deserves to be played to its full potential and you should be able to finish it with our list below!

Keep in mind that some of the unlock requirement descriptions detail story and side quests events; view at your discretion.

The Outer Worlds Trophy & Achievement List 

 Achievement/Trophy   Unlock Requirements 
The Outer Worlds Platinum Trophy (PS4) Unlock all trophies in The Outer Worlds 
The Outer Worlds  Complete The Outer Worlds on any difficulty 
Hard  Complete on hard difficulty 
Supernova  Complete on supernova difficulty 
Everybody Likes Me Have maximum positive reputation with 3 factions 
Destroyer Of Worlds  Have maximum negative reputation with 3 factions 
Jack Of All Trades Kill an enemy with a science weapon, sneak attack
All For One  Complete all companion quests 
Welcome To Halcyon! Land in Emerald Vale
Ticket To Anywhere  Get your very own ship 
Something’s Fishy  Reach Stellar Bay 
Paradise Found  Land in Byzantium 
Hard Time Land on Tartarus 
Best Friend  Recruit a companion 
The Harder They Fall  Kill a mega creature 
Got You Back  Kill 50 enemies using companion abilities 
Silver Tounge  Use dialogue skills 30 times
Poor Sportsmanship  Hit 30 enemies in the groin while in tactical time dilation 
Upgrades Available 

Improve gear 30 times

Never Seen  Kill 50 enemies with sneak attacks 
Short Circuit  Kill 30 auto mechanical with shock damage 
Health Insurance  Use your medical inhaler 300 times 
We All Fall Down  Turn 100 enemies into ash with plasma damage 
Tossball All-Star  Kill 50 enemies with a tossball stick or tossball blocker
Everything Must Go  Sell 10,000 bits worth of items to vendors 
Flawed Hero  Acquire 3 flaws 
Not The Best Choice  Equip Spacer’s Choice brand clothing, headgear and 4 weapons
Well Dressed  Wear ‘a nice hat’ and ‘chimaera’ at the same time
Level 30  Reach level 30 
Anything For A Friend  Finish a companion questline 
Elemental Maelstrom  Kill an enemy using all 5 damage types
Patient N Kill 20 enemies that were infected by spreading N-rays
Skilled Raise a skill to 100
Well Balanced Breakfast  Simultaneously have bonuses for meat, carbohydrates, sugary drink, caffeine and alcohol 
Mad Scientist  Kill an enemy under the effects of 4 science weapons 
Impossible Mission  Succeed at 3 dialogue conversation checks with a single disguise 
One For All  Have recruited all companion 
Lost And Found  Skipped the Hope 
Pirate Radio  Stopped the Monarch broadcasts 
The Audience Gasps You learned the shocking truth about the colony 
SubLight To The End  Complete the SubLight quest lines 
Peace In Our Time Broker peace between the Iconoclasts and the MSL
Monarch Abides  Win the battle of Stellar Bay
Dentastic  You saved the universe’s greatest diet toothpaste recipe 
Mightier Than The Sword  You saved Edgewater permanently 
Ludwig Was Right You brought Robo-destruction to Edgewater
A Star Is Born  You starred in an Odeon Pictures movie
The Cartographer  You dealt with the cartographer 
SunBurn  You skipped the Hope into the sun 

Good Luck, Completionists!

There you go! I hope this list will be of use to all those completionists out there. Are you still deciding whether to pick up the game? Make sure to read our first impressions from this years E3. 

The Outer Worlds is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC

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