The Outer Worlds: Complete Science Weapons Guide

The Outer Worlds has some awesome and elusive weapons that will require some exploring to find. We've compiled a complete guide detailing where to find all of The Outer Worlds science weapons and how to use them. Conquer the Halcyon system with these mind-bending, gravity-defying ray guns.

The Outer Worlds: Complete science weapons guide

Science weapons in The Outer Worlds are among the most interesting and hilarious weapons in the game. Classic science fiction weapons like shrink rays, mind control guns and gravity manipulators, are all waiting to be discovered and used for your enjoyment. We have everything you need to know about science weapons in The Outer Worlds, including where to find them, and how best to use them. All except one of the science guns can be found as part of the Weapons from the Void quest.

The Prismatic Hammer

Location – The Groundbreaker 

The Prismatic Hammer is great for dealing with mechanicals

The Prismatic Hammer is great for dealing with mechanicals

Once you’ve gained access to the Unreliable, after completing the Stranger in a Strange Land quest, head up to the captain’s quarters and read his notes on the computer terminal. It’s here that you’ll get the location of two science weapons, one of which is on the trading ship, the Groundbreaker. When you land, make your way to Gladys; this is compulsory, as part of the Passage to Anywhere quest. Buy the battered Market Data-pad from her. 

Head back towards the loading bay and turn right. You should see a room with bunk beds in it. Jump on the boxes to the left of the door and crutch through the whole in front of you. Take down the enemies you find and unlock the door to the right. The hammer is sitting on a table at the end on the room. The Prismatic Hammer can deal a ton of damage and is useful for dealing with mechanical targets, spreading a wave of devastating energy.

The Shrink Ray

Location – Phineas’ Lab

Take your enemies down a size or two with the shrink ray, the outer world's funniest weapon

Take your enemies down a size or two with the shrink ray, the outer worlds funniest weapon

By far the easiest science weapon to get is the shrink ray which can be found in Phineas’ lab. Once you’re free to travel around the Halcyon system, make your way to his ship, just out of Terra 2’s (your starting location) orbit. Take the opportunity to nosy around the lab, picking up any loot you find, then talk with Phineas through a speaker. When you’re done talking to him, you’ll find the shrink ray just to the right of the speaker in a case. 

Certainly one of the most amusing guns, the shrink ray does exactly what you expect it to do, with hilarity as the result. There are far more practical reasons to use the shrink ray. Not only does it deal plasma damage, but it also reduces the target’s armour levels and damage potential, as well as their size. 

The Mind Control Ray 

Location – Monarch (Cascadia) 

The mind control ray will turn your enemies on eachother

The mind control ray will turn your enemies on each other

This weapon will, like the Prismatic Hammer, require a datapad to find it. Talk with Duncan in the Fallbrook dry goods store on Monarch and buy the Sub-Light datapad. The pad will point you in the direction of Cascadia, an abandoned frontier town, occupied by bandits. The best time to get this gun is during the Space-time Continuum side quest, given by Lilya Hagen on the Groundbreaker. 

When you reach the terminal during the quest mentioned above, turn left and just onto the platform. Climb the two ladders and make the final jump, where you’ll find the case with the weapon inside. Be careful! It’s easy to fall, so focus on your jumps. Apart from dealing plasma damage, the mind control ray can affect both human and mechanical targets, turning them on one another.  

The Gloop Gun 

Location – Monarch 

The Gloop Gun levitates your enemies, leaving them helpless

The Gloop Gun levitates your enemies, leaving them helpless

Finding the Gloop Gun isn’t part of the Weapons from the Void quest. Instead, you’ll find it by completing the Errors Unseen side quest on Monarch. Make your way to the UDL Lab, southwest of Stellar Bay. Kill any marauders nearby and head into the lab. Head to the main room and use the terminal on the left to unlock the weapon. 

There are two ways you can gain access to this gun:

  1. Hack the terminal (requires 100% hacking skill).
  2. Answer the terminal’s three security questions.

Don’t panic! The answers are simple enough; just give the silliest answer to each question – “Protect the Chairman”, “Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honour”, and “Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program”. The Gloop Gun levitates targets as well as dealing shock damage. 

Mandibular Rearranger

Location – Scylla

The Mandibular Rearranger is great for stunning enemies

The Mandibular Rearranger is great for stunning enemies

Our last science weapon requires another visit to Gladys. Buy the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge then return to your captain’s quarters. Review the info and head to Scylla. Travel east, dealing with some of the tougher enemies in the game, until you come across an Abandoned Mining Outpost. Go inside and you’ll find the special melee weapon. 

While not the most powerful weapon in The Outer Worlds, the Mandibular can deal a bit of physical damage, while also stunning your targets for a short period of time. The baton is best used in tandem with another weapon. Use the baton to stun, then blow your enemy away with a plasma rifle.  


There you go! We hope that this Outer Worlds science weapons guide helps you enjoy some of the more creative weapons to be found in Halcyon. The Outer Worlds is one of 2019’s best games, and, as we mention in our review, stands out from other RPGs due to its unbashful style and infectious personality.  

The Outer Worlds is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC

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