The Last of Us Factions: Best Loadout for Beginners

If you're a newcomer to The Last of Us Factions, here's a great beginner loadout to start out with. As we edge closer to the release date of The Last of Us: Part II, some players may be revisiting the remastered version of the original title.

The Last of Us Factions - Loadout for Beginners

The Last of Us Factions is criminally underrated. It’s my favourite online game mode of any game, period. The gameplay is fairly simple and there isn’t too much map or gun variety. But there’s something about The Last of Us Factions that makes it an incredibly addictive gaming experience. For anyone returning to The Last of Us Remastered, here’s a cool loadout to distract yourself until Part II is released. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: For this loadout, I tried to stay away from DLC perks or weapons. My aim was to make this loadout as accessible as possible to all newcomers.

Loadout Details

The Last of Us Factions - Loadout for Beginners

The Last of Us Factions loadout for beginners.

We’ll start with a small firearm. The Silenced Shorty is an absolute beast in short range. With two accurate shots, you’ll down your enemy without revealing where you are on the map. You could opt for the non-silenced version to save yourself some more loadout points. But The Last of Us Factions is a very tactical game in which stealth and map control is of great importance. I’d go for the silenced one just so you can get the drop on your enemies, without their teammates knowing where to go next.

For the large firearm, the Silenced Semi-Auto is perfect for any newcomer to the game. As described in-game, the Silenced Semi-Auto is a “mid-range killer” that requires 3 shots to down your enemies. When this thing is upgraded, it’s pretty easy to pick apart any opponent. It’s accurate, fast, and you don’t need to empty a whole clip to do damage. In fact, once you get good with it, the Silenced Semi-Auto only requires one head shot and one body shot to down your enemy. This thing is simple to use and a popular weapon even among veteran players.

For your Survival Skill 1, your first option (and an option that should be on all your loadouts!) is Covert Training 2. This perk is probably the most important perk in the game. You start with a shiv every time you spawn, but more importantly, Cover Training 2 prevents you from showing up in the enemy’s listen mode when crouch walking. This is easily the most useful perk in the game. Use it. Always.

And with your second Survival Skill, I would suggest First Aid Training 1. Nothing fancy here. The perk allows you to use health kits 75% faster. This might not seem that important, but being able to heal yourself fast can get you out of many sticky situations. Given that the heal time without this perk is really slow, you’ll really notice the benefits of this perk. It will give you enough time to heal and think about your next move. First Aid Training is a great perk.

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There you have it, a beginner loadout for anyone looking to start their The Last of Us Factions journey before Part II is released. What would you recommend to new players? Please don’t suggest the God-awful, broken purchasable shotgun. Veteran players, you know what I’m talking about!


  1. >says don’t use broken purchasable shotgun
    >says to always use covert training

    • agreed, covert training shouldnt be encouraged and I hope its reworked in the next factions game, if there is one.


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