The Forgotten City – Trophies & Achievements List

This essential achievements list will help you dig deep into the dark mystery behind a seemingly ideal Roman community. Learn of the Faustian bargain that keeps the citizens safe and scared to attempt anything deemed sinful. The Forgotten City is a mystery begging to be solved.

The Forgotten City - trophies & achievements listIn the waning years of the Roman Empire’s collapse, safety and peace come at a cost – if you sin, everyone dies. To help you achieve 100% completion in The Forgotten City, we’ve compiled a comprehensive achievements list. This list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 41 achievements and how to unlock them.

Possible story spoilers ahead; read at your discretion.

The Forgotten City Trophies & Achievements List 

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement 
Platinum Trophy (PS Specific)  Earn all trophies 
Herculean  Confront the creator of The Golden Rule
Bloodless Shadow  Learn the true identity of the stranger by the river
The Canon Ending  Reach ending 4 of 4
The Ones That Got Away  Reach ending 3 of 4
The One That Got Away  Reach ending 2 of 4
The Many Shall Suffer  Reach ending 1 of 4
Grave Robber  Steal 2000 coins after The Golden Rule is broken 
Dead Shot  Free the captive and shoot her captor in the face 
Archaeologist  Discover what lies beneath the city 
Sleuth  Find all three missing persons 
Italian Plumber  Enter the upper cistern in an unconventional way 
Psycho  Intimidate the creator of The Golden Rule
Silver Tongue  Talk your way through ever possible confrontation 
Underworld Explorer  Discovering Underworld icons Sisyphus, Tantalus, Ixion and the Belide
The Oracle  Assemble as many people as possible in the Museum 
Liberator  Have Galerius romance Equitia 
Tourist  Use Photo Mode
Looper  Loop through time once 
Super Looper  Loop through time 10 times 
Survivor  Survive the Palace 
Law Abiding Citizen  Finish the game without looping through time once 
Minimalist  Reach the best ending with the smallest amount of loops 
Striker  Topple 10 peeled statues by kicking others into them 
Kleptomaniac  Trigger The Golden Rule by stealing 5 times
High Diver  Enter Malleolus’s villa with a daring leap 
Avid Reader  Read 10 different graffiti 
Unhygienic  Pick up the sponge on a stick 
Nimble  Dodge 3 boulders 
Smooth Talker  Get rejected by Aurelia 
Golden Archer  Gild your first thing 
Allergic  Die from hornet stings 
Maverick  Skip Galerius’s Tour 
Callous  Allow Fabia to die in the collapsing temple 
Fibber  Lie 10 times 
Medic  Save Lulia’s life 
Counsellor  Save Ulpius’s life 
Trickster  Save Fabia’s life 
Lion Tamer  Solve Vergil’s problem 
Match-maker  Help Galerius romance Equitia 
Treasure Hunter  Find treasure using the golden bow 

Good Luck, Completionists!

There you have it! We hope this achievements list helps you get the most out of this historical mystery which began life as a Skyrim mod. As expected from a role-playing game, you’ll be unlocking many achievements by completing story objectives and side content, along with miscellaneous tasks. Obtaining 100% completion shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Forgotten City is available on PS4/5, Xbox One/SX and PC.

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