The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Skunk Shotgun

This guide will show you how to get your hands on the Skunkworks Shotgun in The Callisto Protocol. The Skunk Gun is a powerful early-game weapon that players can find in the first few hours of the game, and this guide will show you exactly how to get it, how it can be upgraded and the pros and cons of crafting it.

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Skunk Shotgun

The Callisto Protocol has plenty of ways for you to kill (and be killed by) your enemies ranging from melee combos to telekinetic blasts to just straight-up shrapnel. There are plenty of tools to use that will help you survive your journey on Callisto. 

One of these weapons is called The Skunkworks Shotgun, or just the Skunk Gun. This weapon is an early-game pickup that can give players early access to a very powerful weapon capable of dealing a lot of damage and killing large groups very fast. It’s pretty easy to miss, however.

Here’s how to find the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol.

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Where to Find the Skunk Gun

The Skunk Prototype Shotgun is one of your best tools for the early hours of The Callisto Protocol. As such, you can find it relatively early in your journey through Black Iron. 

Specifically, you’ll find it in Chapter 3 Aftermath. About halfway through the mission, Jacob will have to make an emergency brake on a malfunctioning elevator, forcing him into the basement area of Black Iron Prison. This is the area where you first encounter the long-necked enemies who attack you via a quick-time event.

The Basement

The Basement

At the beginning of this basement section, you’ll see an empty fuse box. There isn’t another fuse core nearby, so continue onwards through the area. This means having to pass several groups of enemies, including more long-necks and a few spitter enemies, which can certainly kill you fairly easily if you aren’t careful. Keep an eye out for spikes on the wall or explosive canisters that you can use with your GRP to make these fights easier.

Eventually, you will find a locked gate with a sign above it that says Workshop 0302. Outside it is a spare Gate Fuse on the ground – what you’re supposed to do is simply take this fuse back to a nearby lever to continue forwards. However, if you take it and backtrack back to where you first entered the basement, you can slot it into that first Fuse Box.

A look at Workshop 0302, where the schematic for the Skunk Shotgun is located. - The Callisto Protocol Skunk Gun


With that gate open, simply walk in and climb up into the nearby vent. Hop out on the other side and you’ll now be inside Workshop 0302. Look around a bit and you’ll find the Skunk Gun Schematic on a workbench. 

After it has been collected, you can craft the Skunk Shotgun at the next Reforger. 

Schematic Workbench

Schematic Workbench

Skunk Gun Upgrades

The Skunkworks Shotgun has a total of 4 upgrades available for Callisto Credits. 

  • [400 Callisto Credits] High Capacity Magazine Upgrade: Alters the magazine well to accept high-capacity magazines. Increases the magazine from 2 to 4.
  • [1200 Callisto Credits] Stability Upgrade: Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil. Massively increases weapon stability. 
  • [1200 Callisto Credits] Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade: Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellant to all ammunition. Increases damage dealt. 
  • [3600 Callisto Credits] Swarming Rounds: Modifies this weapon to fire homing ammo that swarms nearby enemies.

Compared to the Stun Batton and the Hand Cannon, the Skunk Gun does cost a little bit more to upgrade and get your worth out of it. However, the additional 2 shots from the Magazine Upgrade alongside the Damage upgrade are both very useful boons, especially considering how strong the shotgun already is. 

Skunk Gun Upgrades

Skunk Gun Upgrades

Should You Craft It?

The Skunk Gun is undeniably a very potent tool during your first few hours in The Callisto Protocol. It can take out most enemies in 2-3 shots at close range, making it a much safer tool to pair with the Stun Batton compared to the Hand Cannon (which can feel very weak due to its low damage).

However, some may see the Skunk Gun as being somewhat redundant. Later in the game, Jacob will find a different shotgun which some may consider a better investment when compared to the Skunk. This is especially true considering that every weapon and tool needs Callisto Credits to upgrade: if you ignore the Skunk Gun, you could use the Credits on something else and still get a powerful shotgun later on. 

The decision on whether you should craft the Skunkworks Shotgun may be based on how much difficulty you are having in The Callisto Protocol. If you are finding yourself struggling in the first few hours or if you can’t quite get to grips with the melee-heavy focus of the game, consider picking up the Skunk to help you through those parts. Meanwhile, if you’re confident in your melee damage output and are okay with the standard pistol, wait until you get the other shotgun after on and use your Credits for something else.

Melee damage is Jacob’s main tool of destruction and so the Stun Batton should likely be your main focus no matter what. However, whether the Skunk Gun is similarly worth your hard-fought Credits is up to you and your playstyle. 

Dead Moon

Dead Moon

That is how to find and craft the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol

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