The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Assault Rifle

This guide will show you how to get the Assault Rifle weapon in The Callisto Protocol. The Assault Rifle is a late-game unlock that gives you access to one of the game's few fully automatic weapons, so this guide will show you exactly where to find it, what upgrades it can take and whether it is worth crafting at all.

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Assault RifleThe Callisto Protocol has a lot of cool weapons for players to use on their zombie combatants. Whether it’s the electric-powered slams of the Stun Baton or the unstoppable power of the GRP, there are more than a few powerful tools at your disposal. 

One of the weapons that players will be hungry to get their hands on is the UJC Special Ops Assault Rifle, or just simply the Assault Rifle. This late-game entry into your arsenal signals a shift in the combat space and prepares you for some heavy-hitting enemies in the missions to come. However, you could well walk straight past the schematic if you didn’t know where it was.

Here’s how to get the Assault Rifle in The Callisto Protocol.  

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How to Get the Special Ops Assault Rifle

The UJC Special Ops Assault Rifle will be the last weapon you get your hands on during The Callisto Protocol.

The mission you will find the schematic is in Chapter 7 Colony. Jacob and Dani find themselves in a ramshackle mining town from 75 years ago, where you have to sneak around the decrepit walkways and around buildings set to collapse. 

The Colony

The Colony

After you make it to the mining town, you are split off from Dani and you’ll have to explore the lower levels yourself. There are plenty of the Blind Biophage enemies around (just like in the last mission, Below) so get used to sneaking and stabbing. Once you’ve found your objective, you’ll soon be shuffled up a nearby ladder to find the Security Room on the second level of Minetown. 

To get to the Security Room, you need to pass through a general shop (where you will be ambushed by a Blind Biophage) and then head right. Instead, when you exit the shop, head left to find a small set of cubicles in a bathroom.

Bathroom Ahead

Bathroom Ahead

Once you’re in here, you’ll be ambushed by a Spitter Biophage. Quickly take it down with your Stun Baton to avoid attracting the other nearby enemies and you can look about.

On the sinks just below the mirror will be the Assault Rifle Schematic. Take it and you will be able to craft it at the Reforger the next time you find one.

Schematic Found

Schematic Found

All Assault Rifle Upgrades

The Assault Riffe is the only real fully automatic weapon in the entirety of The Callisto Protocol (aside from the Tactical Pistol). It has a total of 4 upgrades available for Callisto Credits.

  • High Capacity Magazine Upgrade: Alters the magazine well to accept high-capacity magazines. Increases the magazine size to 20.
  • Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade: Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellant to all ammunition. Increases bullet damage. 
  • Stability Upgrade: Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil. Increases stability. 
  • TK63 “Homing Rounds”: Adds an alt-fire module that fires smart ammunition. Fired rounds manoeuvre themselves in flight to hit moving targets. 

The Assault Rifle is the most expensive weapon in the game in terms of upgrades. The extra magazine capacity and the damage upgrade are both very useful in making the weapon feel better to use without having to spend the insane amount of Credits on the higher tier upgrades.

Rifle Upgrades

Rifle Upgrades

Should You Craft It? 

The Assault Rifle sits at an odd place within The Callisto Protocol’s weapon line-up. It is the best at sustained fire with its large magazine and fully-automatic status. Additionally, it is a very good pick for dealing with long-ranged foes or enemies that need to be targeted quickly (like the Bloaters). It is also a good pick against the larger, boss Biophage enemies, too, as it can deliver good damage from a safe distance.

However, the enemies in The Callisto Protocol are brawlers at heart and so is the player. Melee combat is the focus of the game and so, in most scenarios, you will be too close to effectively utilise the Assaut Rife properly. The Skunk or Riot Guns pair much better with the scrappy focus of most fights. Additionally, with it coming so late in the game, you may just want to save the Credits to max out the guns you already use instead of spending more on a new weapon. 

On the whole, while the Assault Rifle is a good pick, it is often outclassed by other weapons. It asks you to step away from the action instead of complimenting the melee-focused rhythm like other guns. Despite this, it is a great weapon at picking off foes before they reach you and is good for priming meatier targets. Picking up the Assault Rife won’t make your life drastically easier like the Skunk Gun or the Riot Gun, but it is another arrow in your quiver that can be used to get the best of the Biophages. 

Tool of Destruction

Tool of Destruction

That is how to craft and find the Assault Rifle in The Callisto Protocol.

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