The Best Wonderkids to sign in Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 is all about winning trophies. Make sure to sign the best wonderkids available to help your team be successful, here you'll find the best wonderkids to sign due to a mix of their high potential and ease of signing.

best wonderkids to sign football manager 2022

In Football Manager 2022 every team wants to sign the best young footballers, those described as wonderkids, wonderkids are young players with high potential. Teams can build around such players for years to come or make large amounts of profit from their transfers. To be a wonderkid a player must be 20 years of age and below whilst also having amongst the highest potential in the game. These are the best wonderkids that are also not too difficult to sign whether that be because of the level of team that they play for or the low transfer cost to sign them. This list is as of the latest Football Manager update, update 22.4. 

Are you by any chance looking for the Best Wonderkids for FIFA 22?


The goalkeeper is the most specialised role in a football team, having a top player in goal is incredibly important to a teams success so you’ll want to make sure to pick up the best available. In modern football a goalkeepers role has adapted and in Football Manager many of the top young keepers are more adept with the ball at their feet and with their ability to come out of the goal, most wonderkids in game are best used in the new modern goalkeeper role. 

Maarten Vandevoordt in game profile

Maarten Vandevoordt in game profile

Maarten Vandevoordt

The highly touted 19 year old Belgian currently plays for KRC Genk in the Belgian First Division A. Vandevoordt again is an all round goalkeeper and would be able to fill any particular role and tactical style. He would be an even cheaper option than Trubin costing as little as £10,000,000 and having a very low wage for a player of his calibre, a must sign for a club of any level.

Anatolii Trubin

Trubin is a 19 year old Ukrainian goalkeeper plying his trade at Shakhtar Donetsk. An all round goalkeeper who can excel in a sweeper keeper role, he has great potential to improve and can slot into most tactical setups. Trubin won’t ask for big wages and will probably be available for a decent fee as his contract only lasts till 2024 meaning Shakhtar will be looking to cash in.


A strong defence wins football matches and is such an important part of the team, in Football Manager you’ll want to have the best defenders possible to help your team keep out the goals. Most tactics are built with a lot more roles for defenders than in previous years, especially in the full back position which has become so key to the best modern football teams. Having the best defenders across the different roles is imperative for any successful football team.

Illia Zabarnyi in game profile in the future

Illia Zabarnyi in game profile in the future

Illia Zabarnyi

The second Ukrainian on the list, Zabarnyi is 18 years old and currently plays for Dynamo Kiev in Ukraine. Illia has very good physical and mental attributes, especially for his youthful age, his attributes lead to him having great potential as a standard or no-nonsense centre back. He would ask for very little in wage for a player of his talent, although unlike most on the list his transfer fee could be a little on the high side.

Giorgio Scalvini

Scalvini is a 17 year old centre back playing for Atlanta in Italy. A bit raw as a talent at the start of a save, although he has excellent physical attributes. An easy pick up by both transfer value and wage demands, the only worry being that a host of big clubs will be vying for his attention so you would have to be quick.

Devyne Rensch

Devyne Rensch is a 19 year old Dutch defender that can play naturally at centre back and right back. Rensch has great attributes across the board especially for a teenager and can play a few different defensive roles making him a very capable player for most tactical setups. Price and wages won’t be much of an issue although due to Ajax being a Champions League regular it might be hard to sign him if you’re not in the competition aswell. 

Destiny Udogie

Udogie is an attacking 18 year old Italian left back that currently plays for Verona in Italy. Destiny Udogie starts off with excellent physical attributes, notably being very quick. He mainly plays as a wing-back or an attacking fullback, but due to his age he can be re-trained if necessary for a certain tactic. Udogie can’t be signed until after the first season but that just gives him more time to develop as a firs team player. again fee and wages wouldn’t be a stumbling block for any prospective buyers. 


Calegari is a talented Brazilian right back that can play a bit further ahead as a wingback, he’s 19 years old and plies his trade still in his native Brazil. The Brazilian starts off with excellent attributes especially some of his physical and technical skills like dribbling and acceleration. Calegari wouldn’t demand much in terms of wages and a transfer fee will vary but shouldn’t be too high. 


For a lot of modern managers the midfield is the most important part of the team, its the engine that makes the whole team work. Having the best midfielder be that for defensive purposes, a passing midfielder to control the game, an attacking midfielder to help the strikers or wide midfielders the midfield is the core of any team. In Football Manager you’ll need the very best to dominate the opposition and win trophies.

Samuele Ricci in game profile in the future

Samuele Ricci in game profile in the future

Samuele Ricci

Ricci is probably the most expensive player on this list, Empoli don’t want to sell and it will be hard to pick him up in the first season. However, Empoli are a likely candidate for relegation in Italy and if that does happen Ricci will likely be pushed towards leaving due to his own professional desires and the clubs financial needs post relegation. Regardless though Ricci is an incredibly talented 19 year old midfielder who can play in the centre of midfield or as a defensive midfielder and would be a brilliant signing for any club in world football.

Arsen Zakharyan

Zakharyan is an Russian/Armenian midfielder that plays for Dinamo Moscow, due to changes the game has made to Russian football it can be easier to sign players from their league. He would probably be available for a little over £10 million despite his high potential, with pretty average wage demands for a player of his talent and potential. At the start of a save his attributes will be alright but nothing too special, he will be able to play a number of roles and can be trained to pretty much play in any midfield position.

Roony Bardghji

Bardghji is a brand new addition in Football Manager, he starts off as a 15 year old meaning he cant actually join a new club initially, although he can still be signed and for a fairly cheap price. Till he is signed he will be playing for Fc Kobenhavn in Denmark and will gain a good deal of experience ahead of a future transfer. Roony Bardghji is a natural right winger who specialises as an inside-forward, he can also be utilised in other midfield or even attacking positions if trained correctly.


Angelo is a 16 year old Brazilian winger who plays for Santos in his native Brazil. He plays as a right winger being best used as an inside-forward due to his strong left foot. At the start of the save he is 16 and can’t actually leave Brazil till his 18th birthday, he can be signed before then though and wouldn’t cost a large amount either. Definitely a very good signing to make with potential to be the next top star out of Brazil.

Unai Vencedor

Vencedor is a 20 year old midfielder playing for Athletic Bilbao in his native Spain. He is a very all round midfielder with great physical and defensive attributes meaning he can also be a brilliant defensive midfielder. The one issue is the transfer cost, at least initially it will likely be high due to Bilbao wanting his release clause value which would be above £50 million. An actual transfer cost would likely be much lower though as he wouldn’t want to stay for his full career and could be tempted to want a move away. 

Yeremy Pino

Pino is an extremely talented 18 year old winger that can play naturally on either side of the midfield as well as in an attacking midfield role or even as a striker. He is fairly capable with both feet and has very good early attribute meaning he will likely blossom into one of the finest footballers in the world. For a player of this calibre the transfer fee wouldn’t be that high, wages and competition from other clubs would be the most likely issues in signing him.

Charles De Ketelaere

The most versatile player on the list De Ketelaere can play in any midfield role to a degree with the ability to be trained successfully in the roles he isn’t initially suitable, also he can be played quite well as a striker. For versatility alone De Ketelaere is one of the easiest recommendations possible in Football Manager 2022. The 20 year old currently plays for Club Brugge in Belgium and wouldn’t be particularly difficult to sign for clubs in the higher reputation leagues, especially for the top five leagues. 



The most important part of football is putting the ball in the oppositions goal, scoring is how you win thus having the best strikers wins you more matches. In Football Manager you’ll likely build your whole team around a star striker who will directly win you games with their goal scoring prowess. 

Lorenzo Lucca in game profile in the future

Lorenzo Lucca in game profile in the future

Lorenzo Lucca

Lucca is probably the second most notable wonderkid signing behind Sesko, the Italian is 20 years old and plays for Pisa in the Italian second tier. He is six foot seven inches tall and plays best as a target man striker, he can utilise his height and brilliant physical attributes to be a key focus in attack for teams at every level. As for transfer cost Lucca wouldn’t be particularly expensive or hard to sign given the level of his current club. 

Benjamin Sesko

The most notable attacker to Football Manager players everywhere. Sesko is an 18 year old Slovenian striker that within a few years of the start will be scoring goals for fun, he is a legitimate Golden Ball and World Player of the Year candidate and there aren’t many players in that category. His position is central striker and he is best used as a pressing or advanced forward which makes good use of his physical attributes. Benjamin Sesko currently plays of Red Bull Salzburg in Austria and would move for a very reasonable transfer fee, especially for a player of such high potential and current ability. 

Fer Nino

The Spaniard is a player with great potential, like a couple of others on this list Nino starts a bit raw in terms of attributes but will develop quickly into a star striker. Fer Nino can fulfil a number of different striker roles but would likely be best used as an advanced forward to get him scoring a lot of goals. The 20 year old plays for Villarreal in Spain and won’t be transferrable until after the first season due to a loan to Mallorca, however after the initial season he would be a much easier signing as he would have competition trying to get into the Villarreal starting eleven.

Martin Satriano

The final entry on the list is the 20 year old Uruguayan Martin Satriano, he plays for Inter Milan in Italy but is out on loan at the start of the save. So like a couple of other entries he wouldn’t be signable until after the first season. After the first season Satriano would return to Inter and would likely struggle for game time at such a big club making it a lot easier to sign him, his transfer value would actually be quite on the low side most likely under £10 million making him an affordable high potential striker target. His attributes are very all round for and he could play any role as a striker making him an invaluable asset to any team.

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