Stardew Valley: Spring Crops Guide

This guide contains everything you need to know to make the most money you can by farming the best Spring crops in Stardew Valley. If you’re struggling to make money on your farm, this Stardew Valley Spring crops guide will have your wallet bursting by the end of the season.

Stardew Valley Spring Crops Guide

Growing and harvesting crops in Stardew Valley is the best way to make a profit on your farm, especially in the early game. But there are so many crops to choose from. How do you know which ones are going to get you the most profit?

If you have been having trouble finding the most worthwhile crops to spend your valuable time on, we have created this Stardew Valley Spring crops guide, so you can get the best bang for your buck.

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Spring Crops from Best to Worst

There are a total of 12 crops that you can grow on your farm during Spring, but some of them do come with conditions. We have compiled a list below of the most profitable Spring crops from best to worst.

  Crop Purchase Price Sell Price Profit How Long to Grow
1.  *Coffee 2500G, or from Dust Sprite 15G per bean, 4x bean per harvest. Repeatable 10 days, then every 2 days
2.  *Strawberry 100G 120G Repeatable 8 days, then every 4 days
3.  *Rhubarb 100G 220G 120G 13 days
4.  Cauliflower 80G 175G 95G 12 days
5.  Potato 50G 80G or 160G  30G, or 110G. Chance of two potatoes being harvested. 6 days
6.  Green Bean 60G 40G Repeatable 10 days, then every 3 days
7.  *Rice 40G 30G -10G or 60G if milled 8 days unirrigated, 6 days irrigated
8.  Kale 70G 110G 40G 6 days
9.  Garlic 40G 60G 20G 4 days
10. Blue Jazz 30G 50G 20G 7 days
11. Parsnip 20G 35G 15G 4 days
12. Tulip 20G 30G 10G 6 days


You might notice that some crops have an asterisk beside their name. This means that they require a little bit of extra work. Everything you need to know about those crops will be fully explained in their own dedicated section.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are by far the most profitable Spring resource in Stardew Valley. They can be planted in both Spring and Summer and are quick to regenerate, bearing a new harvest every two days.

Each plant bears four coffee beans, which can be sold for 15G each, totaling 60G per plant per harvest. They also multiply quickly. Since they supply four beans each per harvest, you can have a full coffee plantation in no time.

Coffee is a valuable resource in Stardew Valley. It takes two in-game hours to brew in a keg and can then be either sold for 150G or consumed for a speed buff for one minute and twenty seconds.

Coffee can also make a great gift for villagers as only the two small children dislike it. If you would like to know more about the villager’s likes and dislikes, check out our villager birthday gift guide.

While all this makes the coffee plant sound almost magical, there is a catch. It is relatively hard to get your hands on.

Coffee beans are one of the best crops in the game.

Coffee beans are one of the best crops in the game.

The Travelling Merchant

There are two ways to get your paws on some coffee beans in Stardew Valley. The first method is to purchase it from the Travelling Merchant.

The Travelling Merchant appears on Fridays and Sundays to the left of Marley’s Farm, outside the entrance to the Forest. The coffee bean isn’t always available, but when it is, you can purchase it for 2500G.

Coffee beans from the merchant are expensive but they do pay off!

Coffee beans from the merchant are expensive but they do pay off!

The Mine

If this sounds too expensive for you, you can also find coffee beans for free in the mine. They are a rare drop from Dust Sprites, which appear from levels 40-79 in the mine.

So if you are low on cash but feeling brave, exploring the icy levels in the mine to fight some Dust Sprites is a great way to collect coffee beans for your farm.


Rhubarb will get you a healthy profit margin of 120G in Stardew Valley, but once again, Pierre doesn’t stock this exotic fruit. You can only purchase rhubarb seeds from Sandy in the Calico Desert. To get there, you need to have completed the Vault Bundle in the Community Centre.

The Community Centre unlocks lots of secrets around Stardew Valley.

The Community Centre unlocks lots of secrets around Stardew Valley.

The Vault Bundle requires a significant investment of 42,500G to fix the Bus Stop so you can ride your way to the rhubarb in the Calico Desert. So while rhubarb is a very profitable crop, it isn’t accessible early in the game.


Strawberries are the second most profitable Spring crop in Stardew Valley, but unfortunately, it’s not as easy as buying a pack of seeds from Pierre. To get yourself some strawberry seeds, you will have to wait until the Egg Festival, which takes place halfway through Spring.

Strawberries have the potential to earn you big bucks in Spring. But since you can only get them halfway through the season, it halves your potential profit margin. There are, however, a couple of ways around this so you can make the most out of your Spring strawberries.

The best way to take advantage of the Stardew Valley strawberry market is to save some of your fruit. Then you can place your strawberries in your seed maker to make more seeds that are ready to be planted at the first sign of Spring next year. This way, your strawberry rotation can continue all season long.

Make sure you plan for next year's strawberry harvest to make the most of them.

Make sure you plan for next year’s strawberry harvest to make the most of them.


Rice has the potential to go from the worst crop to a somewhat decent crop with the use of the mill. A rice starter from Pierre’s will cost you 40G. Once harvested, unmilled rice can be sold for 30G. This is a 10G deficit for you.

If you have the mill, however, you can mill your rice and sell it for 100G, getting you a decent 60G to put in your pocket. It does take some extra time and effort to get your money’s worth out of your rice, but if you are big on cooking, it could be well worth your time. Check out our Stardew Valley cooking guide if you would like to know more about what meals you can make with your Spring crops.

Mill your rice to make extra money

Mill your rice to make extra money

You can purchase the mill from Robin’s shop. It will cost 2500G, 50x stone, 150x wood, and 4x cloth. It can also turn wheat into flour and beets into sugar.

Farm Your Way to Riches with These Spring Crops

Crops can be difficult to wrap your head around at first. But luckily for you, that’s why you have us! Any time you are feeling stuck on what to plant in Spring, check out this guide, and you will find your way in no time.

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