Stardew Valley: How to Find and Use Mushrooms

Need to find where mushrooms are located at in Stardew Valley? Wondering how to best use them to further progress your game? This guide gives you everything you need to know regarding the variety of mushrooms found in the loved farming simulator game.

Stardew Valley: How to Find and Use Mushrooms

So you’ve unlocked the Community Center in Stardew Valley, and you’re being asked to donate mushrooms. Sounds great — but how do you get those exactly? This forageable fall fungus is actually relatively easy to get. Keep reading to discover where to find mushrooms, how to get the elusive red and purple mushrooms and what to do with all your new mushrooms once you have them.

Where to Find Stardew Valley Mushrooms

Mushrooms are primarily found by foraging in Stardew Valley. Foraging is a skill the player can level up by collecting natural materials found on the ground all across Stardew Valley.

The player can forage for mushrooms in the Secret Woods during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Getting there is relatively a simple task. The Secret Woods is accessible at the northwest corner of the Cindersap Forest. The entrance is blocked by a log that can be chopped down when upgraded to a steel axe.

Stardew Valley mushrooms are found in the mines.

Stardew Valley mushrooms are found in the mines.

Different mushrooms spawn in the Secret Woods each season. In the Spring, the morel mushroom has a 32% chance of spawning and the common mushroom has a 16% chance of spawning. The Summer is unique as only the red mushroom spawns at a 22% chance. The Fall has an abundance of mushrooms. The player can find the common mushroom at a 46% chance, a chanterelle mushroom at a 38% chance and a red mushroom at a low 15% chance. 

The Farm Cave is also a great way of collecting plenty of mushrooms. After the player accumulates a total of 25,000g, the player can choose between fruit bats or mushrooms for the Farm Cave. Choosing the mushroom cave provides a steady supply of mushrooms as they get produced every day. 

Stardew Valley mushrooms are found in the Farm Cave.

Stardew Valley mushrooms are found in the Farm Cave.

Additionally, the common mushroom and chanterelle mushroom can be found throughout the valley during the Fall. Simply stroll through the different map areas to find them decorating the landscape. If you want an even greater chance of stumbling upon a mushroom, choose the Forest Farm when starting a new save file. Forageable items spawn more often on this farm option. 

Lastly, a mushroom tree can also yield the player mushrooms. A common tree has a chance to turn into a mushroom tree during a rare event in Fall. Adding a craftable tapper to the tree allows the player to collect red mushrooms, purple mushrooms and common mushrooms. 

How to Get Red and Purple Mushrooms

The red and purple mushrooms in Stardew Valley are known as the cave mushrooms. They tend to be rarer than other mushrooms, so locating them can be a challenge. 

The most common way to retrieve them is in the mines. Starting at floor 81 in the mines, the player can start spotting the purple fungi. Red mushrooms are found starting on floor 1. They are also both found on any level in the Skull Caverns. 

Additionally, red and purple mushrooms are found in the Farm Cave, at the Traveling Cart at the northwest corner of the Cindersap Forest, in the Forest Farm map and occasionally in the garbage cans.

What to Do With Stardew Valley Mushrooms

You’ve collected your mushrooms, now what? Mushrooms in Stardew Valley have a wide variety of uses. First off, Community Center bundles require them in order to complete the main story. Donating mushrooms to these bundles grants a special reward and further progresses the game. The Fall Foraging Bundle, Exotic Foraging Bundle, Dye Bundle and Field Research Bundle all require mushrooms.

Selling mushrooms may also be a nice boost to your early game profits. Choosing the mushrooms for your Farm Cave will add some steady revenue for the farmer. More coins to buy Sashimi for emo-boy Sebastian is always a good thing. 

Stardew Valley mushrooms can be used for cooking.

Stardew Valley mushrooms can be used for cooking.

Looking to get your chef hat on? Mushrooms are used in lots of cooking recipes like Stir Fry, Tom Kha Soup and Fried Mushroom. Fried Mushroom is a great dish to learn. The town grump, George, loves this dish, and it gives the player a +2 attack bonus. Tom Kha Soup is loved by Elliot and Penny and also gives a +2 farming and +30 max energy bonus. Additionally, Leah loves Stir Fry, and the dish provides good healing. 

Best of all, red and purple mushrooms can be crafted into Life Elixir. This item is an important lifeline in the caves. Life Elixir will fully restore the player’s health to maximum regardless of how low it is. This will prove to be a great help when batting off serpents deep in the Skull Caverns. 

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