How to Beat 10 Hardest Bosses – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Guide

Put on your seatbelt and learn about the hardest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bosses that will stumble across your way so you can prepare to counter them accordingly. The journey in Star Wars universe isn't trouble-free. You will face numerous enemies and sturdy monsters along your way that will try to wipe you out for good.

Star Ward Jedi Survivor top 10 bosses

The Star Wars franchise has always been a fan favorite as it never disappoints in bringing a satisfactory volume each time. With the release of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, fans are eager to experience the action-packed gameplay and newly featured mechanics. The game has also featured some tough bosses that will surely keep you entertained and make your gaming experience more exciting. You will face sturdier bosses as you progress through the game. In order to beat these monsters, you need to adapt the right strategies and take every move with caution during the encounters. If you have prior knowledge about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses, your chances of beating them significantly increase.

Ninth Sister

The Ninth Sister is an early-game boss that you’ll soon meet as you start your journey in Star Wars. She is a former Jedi who has gone rogue and uses a double-bladed lightsaber to prey on her enemies. The fight with the Ninth Sister is carried out in three phases, becoming more and more deadlier with each phase. Although the boss can cast some powerful attacks, you can block or parry the attacks if you react timely.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses Ninth Sister

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses Ninth Sister

When she is about to jump to initiate her special move, you can circle around her or dive to the side to dodge her attack. The optimal way to beat the Ninth Sister is by parrying her strikes until her stamina meter is depleted. When the boss is off guard, it is the right time to counterattack and give in your best moves. To counter the heavy attacks of the boss, you can prepare beforehand whether to pull Force or Dodge to the side. You can see her special attack coming as she starts to glow and take some preparation time to initiate her attack. 


You will encounter Zeik when you arrive at Koboh for the first time and reach the Pyloon’s Saloon. Zeik is a swift raider that mostly performs melee attacks. He is a humanoid character in the game who is loyal to Raywis and acts on his commands. The battle with Zeik is comparatively less hectic as compared to other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses fights, but you have to be aware of his swift attacks. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Boss Zeik

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Boss Zeik

The best approach to fighting Zeik is to parry the basic attacks and counterattack when he is defenseless. To land your attacks effectively, make sure to deplete his stamina bar first. You can use your double lightsaber and Vortex Drive skill to interrupt his ultimate attacks and drain his health quickly. As you decrease his hp, his stamina speed will also get slowed down; you can use this opportunity to land some serious blows on him and take him down. 


Skriton is a large scorpion that you will encounter at Jedha. The monster will spawn inside the cave once you’re past the Halls of Ranvell meditation point.  The creature is a deadly beast that has pointy claws and a venomous tail to attack you. Skriton might not be the toughest boss in the game, but he can be quite deadly if not taken seriously. The beast is quite abrupt in his tail attacks, so you have to be extra cautious while facing him.


While fighting Skriton, you have to be in defensive mode and keep your guard up to dodge his swift attacks. Try to maintain some distance from the creature to dodge his tail and grappling attacks. You can slowly chip down the creature through melee attacks, eventually bringing him to the ground. The most optimal way to face the monster is by attacking it from the side, as he has quite a strong defense in front due to his strong claws.  

Dagan Gera

Dagan Gera is one of the sturdiest bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that you will encounter several times in the game. In the first interaction, the boss will be pretty weak and could be defeated easily, but when you encounter him again the next time, he’ll be more buffed and tougher to beat. To beat the boss effectively, make sure to deflect his lightsaber throws and dodge his heavy strikes, as they could cause serious trouble. In the initiating phase, Dagan will mostly perform basic attacks. Things will get a little hard in the second and third phases as he will unlock his true potential. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Boss Dagan Gera

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Boss Dagan Gera

Make sure to dodge his force-power attacks as they deal massive damage upon hit. You can also chip away his stamina by using the Vortex Drive, but it will take a considerable amount of time to do so. Don’t try to use too much Force on this boss, as he is quite resilient against Cal’s Force. You can catch Dagan off-guard by parrying his attack and immediately counterattacking while he is vulnerable. Also, don’t forget to take assistance from Bode during the fight. 


The ATST is another robotic creature in Jedha. Although the boss has slow movement speed due to his bulky body but his attacks are quite deadly, as his single hit can drain most of your health. Maintaining some distance from the robot is also not going to work, as he can also throw explosives, missiles, and electro-bombs in any direction of the battlefield.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor AT-ST boss fight - How to beat the AT-ST

The key to defeating the boss is hitting his legs as soon as you get the chance, as his legs are his weak points. To avoid the projectiles, you can run and roll backward quickly or dive in the opposite direction of the launched projectile. Use the environment and covers to your advantage to dodge the deadly projectiles and explosive missiles.

Tague Louesh

Taugue is a tough boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor who also wields a lightsaber against his enemies. Tague is an offensive enemy who will unleash his never-ending attacks on you. He has pretty decent health, and it will take a considerable amount of time to drain him down. You will encounter Tague when you visit Koboh for the second time in the Devastated Settlement. Although facing him can be challenging, once you understand his fighting style and attack patterns, things will get a bit easier. 

The interaction with Tague is going to be a classic one-on-one battle, so it’s time to show your lightsaber skills and outsmart the boss with your skillful attacks. The boss also unleashes some ultimate attacks that can’t be blocked, so stay attentive to know what’s coming and act accordingly. The key is to drain down the boss’s stamina by continuous parrying-attacking combos and slowly deplete him of his health. 


Rayvis is a bulky creature that you will face at the mid-end phase of the game during chapter 5. This boss has the ability to land heavy and powerful attacks to deplete your health pretty easily. It is best to dodge his attacks rather than blocking or parrying them, or you’ll most likely run out of stamina. Raywis is a sturdy boss with build. His attacks will be slow but are quite deadly and deals massive damage. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rayvis boss fight guide / walkthrough

The fight with the boss will take place in two phases. The second phase will be more deadly, where he will also use his rockets and projectiles. So, make sure to dodge them well and attack back when you get the chance. To beat Rayvis, try to keep some distance from the boss when he is about to initiate heavy attacks and dodge his projectiles and heavy attacks rather than blocking them.  

Darth Vader

The Darth Vader is one of the most awaited enemies in the game. He is undoubtedly one of the toughest bosses that you’ll face in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. The fight with Darth Vader is going to be quite lengthy as the enemy is pretty challenging to face and has a lot of health. The interesting thing about the fight is that you will not be facing Darth Vader as Cal Kestis. Instead, you will be controlling Cere Junda. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss Darth Vader

Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss Darth Vader


The fight also becomes more challenging because Cere wields a single lightsaber stance and has a lesser ability to heal than Cal. Her force powers are also limited, so this battle is a true challenge to show your combat mastery. Although the fight with Darth Vader is going to be a bit overwhelming, try to dodge his attacks and chip his health down through quick moves. You can use lethal weapons such as Blaster and Double Bladed against Vader to fight off more effectively. 

Korej Lim

Korej Lim wields multiple weapons that have the ability to cast lethal damage on opponents. This battle will most likely be a long-range fight, as he will use his ranged weapons to deal damage. Korea possesses the ability to fly, so this fight might be a bit challenging as it might get difficult to keep track of your opponent in the air.

The key strategy to face the boss is to try to keep him on the ground and not let him fly. On the ground, the boss is defenseless, which allows you to deal massive damage with some serious blows. You can use Force push to throw projectiles at the boss while he is in the air. Before getting into the battle, it is recommended to unlock the Blaster lightsaber, as it will make your fight much easier. Defeating Korej Lim will also unlock the bounty hunt side quests at the Pyloon’s Saloon.

Bode Akuna

Bode is the final boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor that you must defeat in order to beat the game. You will encounter this boss two times, and both interactions are going to be challenging for you. The boss will use his force powers against you, so make sure to dodge them and save your life. The fight takes place in three lengthy phases, each being more challenging than the previous one. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bode boss fight guide / walkthrough

Bode is remarkably fast, so he will try to take you down with his swift lightsaber swings. He will use his unblockable attacks and lightsaber throws during his second phase. In his last phase, he will be most aggressive. After using the Force Powers, Bode will be vulnerable to your attacks. Use this time to unleash your ultimate attacks on him to cast heavy damage and drain his health.

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