Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location Guide

The zipline rope gun is one of the most vital traversal tools in the Sons of The Forest. Finding it early stages of your survival adventure can make life much easier. Here is the Rope Gun location you are looking for in Sons of The Forest. 

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location Guide

Ziplines are essential traveling tools in the game Sons of The Forest, as they can help you get down a slope in no time. However, where to find rope guns and how to use them could be confusing. In this guide, you will learn how to get the rope gun and set up ziplines in the game.

The rope gun is a vital item in Sons of The Forest, as it allows you to set up ziplines and make travel faster. It also serves as one of the prerequisites for getting the shovel, another most important item in the game.

A map showing the rope gun location in Sons of The Forest. It is located on the west part of the map.

The rope gun can be located in a cave on the map’s western side, between the sea and the snowy mountains.

How to Get a Rope Gun in Sons of The Forest?

The rope gun can be found in a cave on the western edge of the map, between the ocean and snowy mountains. This area is a bit difficult and will require a lot of preparation before entering it, so be sure to take all your weapons, food, water, and any health items you may need with you.

The cave is a bit dangerous, and you will face waves of Cannibals. You should bring a Stun Baton with you to fight these monsters, but if you don’t have this weapon, you will need to use a gun or pistol.

After you beat the enemies, you’ll need to walk toward the left side of the cave. You’ll encounter two dead bodies, and a monster stuck in a narrow opening. When you reach these, pick up and throw the time bombs they are holding. That will kill the monster and give you a wider opening to explore.

Once you are inside the cave, you will need to kill a large number of mutants in order to reach a tunnel that leads to the Rope Gun. The path will be obstructed by a Sluggy, but it is possible to break this block with a time bomb.

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location Guide - How To Use The Rope Guns in Sons of the Forest

You can use rope guns to create a zipline and ride those ziplines.

How To Use The Rope Guns?

Ziplines can be made by equipping the rope gun and shooting it at a place on the environment; this will produce one of the zipline’s ends. 

A white dot will appear on the screen, indicating the location of the zipline. After the first point is set, use the rope gun to set the other end of the zipline. 

The rope gun can also be used to interact with ziplines already established on the map. These prebuilt ziplines can traverse the map and explore areas that would otherwise be inaccessible without a rope gun.

To create a zipline, you need to first craft a rope and then shoot it at the ground twice to establish two grapple points. You should then aim the line at a tree, rock wall, or man-made wall to attach it to both ends. Then, you can fire the rope gun and ride down the line to a preset destination.

As mentioned before, the rope gun is located in a cave that’s deep within one of the mutant-filled cave systems in Sons of The Forest. Finding it can be tough, but if you’re willing to risk the elements, then you can get it.

Sons of The Forest is the sequel to the popular survival game The Forest. The second entry to the series became available on February 23, 2023, only for PCs via Steam.

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