Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location Guide

To dive into the ocean for an extended time to explore secret caves, you need a rebreather in Sons of The Forest. Check out this guide to find out the location of the rebreather in Sons of The Forest's massive map.

Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location Guide

If you have an explorer soul with a survival instinct, you can find a lot of joy in Sons of the Forest, where you can find many caves with danger to explore. Sons of The Forest is the sequel to the popular survival game The Forest. The second entry to the series became available on February 23, 2023, only for PCs via Steam.

However, some of these caves are under the water. That’s why you need a rebreather to take your time while you are exploring under the water. This item allows you to dive underwater for extended periods and explore caves till you want to swim to the surface.

Before taking a look at where you can find the rebreather in Sons of The Forest, let’s learn what a rebreather is and why you need it.

Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location Guide

Rebreather allows you to dive underwater for extended periods and explore caves till you want to swim to the surface.

What is Rebreather in Sons of The Forest?

The rebreather in Sons of the Forest is a critical piece of gear, allowing players to dive into the ocean to explore secret caves. It also allows players to reach out-of-the-way locations on the massive map, which is essential for progressing the game.

When equipped, the rebreather provides oxygen when underwater and can be used to illuminate sunken areas. However, it requires air canisters to function correctly – which you can find in numerous dive spots across the island.

The air canisters you use will deplete your own oxygen reserves, so you’ll need to make sure to stay hydrated as you explore the island. There are two air canisters in the cave where you’ll find the rebreather, and more can be found in the crash site cave and on the yacht.

Why You Need a Rebreather in Sons of The Forest?

When playing survival games like Sons of The Forest, having some key equipment like a rope gun and shovel is important. A rebreather is one such item that will help you get more out of your dives underwater.

There are plenty of caves in Endnight’s cannibal-infested open world, but some are hidden deep under the surface. These areas often contain treasure, but you’ll need a rebreather to enter them.

Also, getting your hands on the Sons of The Forest rebreather isn’t as difficult as you may think.

A map showing the rebreather location in Sons of The Forest. It is located on the north part of the map.

Rebreather can be located in a cave on the map’s northern side, on a beach.

How to Get Rebreather in Sons of The Forest?

The rebreather is an essential piece of gear for survival in Sons of The Forest. This underwater device allows players to stay underwater for longer periods of time, which will help them explore more caves and discover new secrets hidden on the ocean floor.

The first thing you need to do to get the rebreather is to find its location in the game. It can be found in one of the caves on one of the island’s beaches, which you can easily spot from the start of the game.

The rebreather can be found in a cave near the beach on the map’s north side. This is one of the first areas the game expects you to explore, and while it is inhabited by fewer mutants than other caves, there are still plenty of dangers to keep you on your toes.

Wooden boards seal off the cave’s entrance, so you’ll have to use melee attacks to destroy those.

Once you arrive at the cave, you’ll notice a few buckets in the sand and a boarded-up entrance hidden in the cliff wall. The cave is dark, so you’ll need to bring a torch with you or craft your own (combine a cloth and a stick).

Once inside, take a left turn at the very first light and follow it until you reach another light, which leads to the rebreather location in the next section of the cave.

How Do You Get Out of Rebreather Cave?

Once you get into the cave, you’ll face several types of monsters. Some are basic enemies, while others have special abilities that you can use to your advantage.

After some time, you’ll come across a fork in the path. The left fork has some more mutants, while the right fork leads to a larger room with two light sources.

When you reach the end of the room, you’ll find a rebreather on a ledge overlooking a pool of water. You can swim out of the cavern, but you should be careful since a shark is swimming around in the water.

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