Sons of the Forest All Items Locations Guide

Knowing where to find necessary items can make surviving easier in Sons of the Forest, one of the popular survival games recently released. When you think it is hard to stay alive without having some items, you may want to check this Sons of The Forest all items locations guide before you start your survival journey. 

Sons of The Forest All Items Locations Guide

The survival horror game Sons of the Forest is all about surviving the deadly wilderness, hunting animals, and scavenging resources to build up your inventory. It also features a gruesome array of enemies to evade and a vast island full of grotesque mutants.

That’s why you’ll need a lot of items to survive, including weapons, snacks, tools, clothes, etc. Knowing the locations of the items in the game can help you to speed up your journey.

All Weapons Locations in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest drops players on a terror-fueled island, where they must battle hordes of cannibals and mutants. To survive, you need to arm yourself with weapons to help you fend off the enemies and reach item locations.

Weapons Things you need Locations
Modern Axe Nothing Sons of the Forest Modern Axe can be found at a campsite, on a body by a tent.
Stun Baton Nothing Sons of the Forest stun baton is near the helicopter crash site. Look out for a pile of skulls near a waterfall.
Pistol Nothing Sons of the Forest pistol is in a red life raft floating just off the shore.
Machete Nothing Sons of the Forest Machete is on the beach in a deflated red dinghy.
Stun Gun Nothing Sons of the Forest Stun Gun is in a cave on the coast. Navigate a monster-filled cave and get out again to claim it. At the end of the water cave, you’ll see a light pointing at a way out, this is the direction to take to the stun gun as the left turn leads to the rebreather. You can find more details about the rebreather in the Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location Guide.
Compound Bow Shovel Sons of the Forest Compound Bow is under a maintenance hatch marked by a green circle on your map.
Shotgun Shovel Sons of the Forest shotgun is in a grave, hidden in the bushes; you can dig it up with the shovel. If you don’t have a shovel, you can find it by reading Sons of the Forest Shovel Location Guide.
Firefighter Axe Shovel Firefighter Axe is under Maintenance Hatch A so you’ll need the shovel to get in. This is also the location of the Maintenance Keycard, which you might want to grab while you’re there.
Revolver Shovel Sons of the Forest revolver is under Maintenance Hatch C on a golf course, marked by a green circle on your map.
Crossbow Maintenance Keycard Sons of the Forest Crossbow is in a cave marked on your map with a green circle, under the Food and Drinks Hatch.
Electric Chainsaw and Guitar Maintenance Keycard Sons of the Forest Chainsaw is in a cave by an overgrown golf cart marked by a green circle on your map, you can also grab the guitar while you’re here.
Katana/putter Maintenance Keycard Sons of the Forest katana can be found in a cave near a large lake, marked on your map with a green circle.
An image from Sons of the Forest shows an ammo box and its location with a GPS tracker.

Sons of the Forest All Ammos can be found in abandoned camps.

All Ammo Locations and Infinite Ammo Glitch

In Sons of the Forest, you can farm and get more ammo by looting the abandoned camps and bunkers scattered around the island. You should explore the map until you come across a place with a spawn of many briefcases and boxes.

Getting ammo is a key goal for any player in the game, but it can be difficult to find. This is because most ammo is generated through RNG, and a good cache of it can only be built up once or twice every in-game day.

However, there is a glitch in getting not only more but infinite ammo in Sons of the Forest. All you have to do is go to a camp or a bunker and loot all the items. Once done, simply make a shelter or use an existing one, if there is any, and save the game. After that, go ahead and quit the game. Then, again continue and enter the previously saved game.

Sons of The Forest All Items Locations Guide - All Snacks

There are no problems with getting consumable items.

All Snacks in Sons of the Forest

If you’ve gotten stuck in Sons of the Forest without any supplies or food to speak of, it can be tough to keep going. The good news is that there are a few places to find the best snacks and drinks around. 

  • Blueberries: They can be found in the bushes that are spawned all across the world
  • Mushrooms 
  • Noodles: They can be found in caves and bunkers across the island.
  • Steak/Bacon/Brain Bites 
  • Oyster 
  • Crunchie 
  • Wunchies 
  • Energy Bar 
  • Energy Mix 
  • Energy Mix+ 
  • Health Mix 
  • Canned Food 
  • Turtle Egg 
  • Salmonberries 
  • Twinberries 
  • Cannibal Limbs 
  • Shiitake 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Dandelion 
  • Chicory 
  • Canteen 
  • Energy Drink

Fortunately, there are no problems with getting consumable items in Sons of the Forest. They all are highly accessible and can be found nearly everywhere. The most straightforward locations for consumables in Sons of the Forest are corps and suitcases.

Sons of the Forest All Items Locations Guide - All Clothes

Outfits are a great way to customize characters in Sons of the Forest.

All Clothes Locations in Sons of The Forest

In Sons of the Forest, outfits are a great way to customize your character. Each outfit offers different stats that can affect your gameplay in a variety of ways, from making you swim faster to protecting you from the weather.

As with Endnight’s first game, there are many different clothing items to find in Sons of the Forest, some are useful, and others are just fun. While the Tactical Jacket is the default outfit of both Kelvin and the player, there are plenty of other options to give your Companions a little extra style or protection from harsher environments.

Virginia, for example, can be given four different outfits to wear around the island. While these are cosmetic, they do not change her stats and are a fun way to customize her appearance in the game.

One of her most coveted pieces of clothing is the Leather Suit, and it can be found quite easily in a crash site near the food and dining bunker. It’s a bit difficult to find, but once you do it will make your adventures much easier and provide you with an opportunity to add some style to your gameplay.

Another useful piece of gear is the Winter Jacket, which is a great way to keep warm when exploring the mountains or staying near fires. It’s also a good choice for players who don’t want to run out of stamina during the cold seasons.

Here are all clothes in Sons of the Forest:

Clothes Locations
Blazer A blazer can be found at the mass grave site.
Camouflage Suit A Camouflage outfit for Virginia, blending her in with her surroundings. You will need to be able to trade with Virginia if you intend on giving this item to her. It can be found on the kayak closer to the sea.
Dress You can find the “Dress” iconDress in the Food Storage Bunker, you’ll need the “Maintenance Keycard” iconMaintenance Keycard to reach it.
Gold Armor You can acquire this by visiting the Bunker on the east side of the island, near the lake.
Gold Mask You can find this inside the second to last bunker, which is to the southwest corner of the map. You can find it in the morgue on the bottom floor, placed on a corpse in a body bag near where you make your escape.
Hoodie It can be found under one of the tents at the nearby cannibal camp.
Pajamas Pajamas that can be found at the VIP Bunker, are reserved only for the most important of people on the island.
Tracksuit An item of clothing for Virginia. You can find these inside the gym, which is inside the bunker connecting to the “3D Printer” icon3D Printer Cave.
Tuxedo A “Tuxedo” iconTuxedo outfit that can be found in the bathroom of the flat in the Maintenance A Shaft. It is on the dresser beside the bathtub.
Wetsuit The purpose of this piece of clothing is to provide the most protection against the wet status effect. This will allow you to retain a lot more energy, thirst, and hunger while swimming or in very wet environments. Players can get this item via the “Shovel” iconShovel Cave, near the area you swim and dive at the start of the cave’s diving sequence.
Winter Jacket This comfortable jacket can be used to protect against the elements during the Winter season. You’ll find it tucked away in a tent near the lake located northeast of Maintenance Shaft B.
Sons of The Forest All Items Locations Guide - Ropes

Ropes can be found in abandoned camps and cave entrances.

Where to Find Rope in Sons of the Forest?

Ropes are crucial resources in Sons of the Forest that help players build a base, trap enemies, and protect themselves from danger. It can also be used to make various vital crafting items, such as bone armor, a bow, a repair tool, and a tree shelter. It also allows players to travel around when they use it with a rope gun.

As the first few items that players must collect in Sons of the Forest, a rope is a valuable addition to their inventory. However, it is not easy to find a rope in the game. Here are some places to find rope in Sons of the Forest

  • In order to find ropes, players should explore Cave Entrances and Abandoned Camps. These areas are safer than other locations, with fewer predators and offering multiple crafting options.
  • Another great way to find rope is by walking along the shoreline. There are often jetsam pieces of rope in abandoned boats, cliff edges, and cave systems.
  • Additionally, players can look in suitcases or containers found at airplane crash sites and enemy camps. These can contain Rope piles that gradually respawn after a certain amount of time.
  • It’s also worth checking the cliff edge near the original crash site and the skeleton-filled areas of abandoned campsites. These places can also contain Rope in large piles of debris.

Well, you’ve learned where to find everything you need at the beginning of your journey. But don’t start the game before reading the Sons of the Forest beginner guide and tips. The guide will help you stay alive and teach you how to use the items you find using this guide.

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