Second Extinction Hero Class Beginner’s Guide

Let's break down each class in Second Extinction to ensure beginners know what they're getting into with this guide. You will learn all about the characters when it comes to their weapons and abilities that distinguish them from one another. After this, you will be ready to fight mutant dinosaurs with your friends.

Second Extinction Hero Class Beginner's Guide

Fighting mutant dinosaurs needs a solid team. That is why players choose between four unique characters or known as heroes that you can play to fight off the endless army of bloodthirsty creatures. In our guide, we will breakdown every class in Second Extinction. You will learn their names, abilities (each has a passive, tactical which is basically an active perk and their special), and most importantly, their weapons of mass dino destruction.

1. Rosy – Enforcer

Rosy is essentially the heavy class with some supportive abilities, but let’s start with her weapons. For her primary, she has a beast of a minigun, which has lower damage, but the fire rate makes up for it, or if you want to get up close and personal, you can select the shotgun, which has max damage but lower stats on everything else. For your sidearm, you can choose between the reliable, middle of the road pistol, or the very fast SMG that has low range but packs a moderate punch.

Rosy is tough

Rosy is tough

Her abilities help herself and her teammates. The tank’s passive heals her gradually overtime. Then you have the tactical/active perk, which contains two pylons that get placed down for an electric fence. It won’t stop anything from coming through, but it damages the monsters coming to eat you alive. Finally, her rechargeable special move gives a health and defense boost to your two allies, if they are close enough.

2. Amir – Operative

Another support hero who stands on a different ground from Rosy. Amir holds two of the most powerful but situational guns in the game. On the one hand, he has the scout rifle, an extremely powerful yet slow sniper, and on the other hand, he can use a grenade launcher for crowd control. His secondary is between the SMG and pistol.

Amir can see everything

Amir can see everything

You may have an army of dinosaurs rushing you, but he will see them coming from a mile away, well, maybe not a mile. His passive ability involves his “survival instincts,” which let him sense any undetected enemies. His tactical works in a similar way when it comes to seeing mutants by briefly highlighting an area that spots anything in the area. So, you may think his special follows that same line of thought, but no, it is a devastating terraforming laser that does high levels of damage; it is like the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War.

3. Ortega – Trooper

My personal favorite, Ortega, who is basically the soldier class who is ready to tear through the dinosaurs who destroyed humanity. The most diverse when it comes to weaponry. While she can use a shotgun or scout rifle, she has a balanced assault rifle, which to me, is the best gun in the game. Her sidearms also give you plenty of choices as her passive ability lets her use primaries as her secondary. Meaning, you can have either the pistol, SMG, scout rifle, or shotgun on your back to switch to when your main is out of ammo. 

You can't go wrong with Ortega

You can’t go wrong with Ortega

Outside of her passive, her other abilities are just as useful and unique. While everyone can dodge by jumping to the side, she has a dash that launches her into any direction you point her to. Based on the fast movement in this game, it is seriously a next-level dash compared to the traditional use of that ability in other games. Finally, her ultimate move which gives her a damage boost, but do note that it is quite short.

4. Jürgen – Trooper

Another trooper, really? Yes, but not in the way Ortega works. While she is a balanced fighter, Jürgen is a stealth-based sniper class. His build focuses on the scout rifle, but you can also choose the assault rifle or shotgun. Even if you choose the shotgun or scout rifle, you do have the SMG and pistol to help when there are too many enemies for one of the formerly mentioned guns.

Jürgen is old but tough

Jürgen is old but tough

His passive works well while sniping, but it can be used with other guns too. When crouched and not moving, he becomes hard to detect for a short amount of time. He gets loud with his tactical as he carries satchel charges that blow up when shot. This is especially great when you have heavily armored dinos. Following up on his low profile perk, he can use his special to mask the scent of himself and friends, making everyone harder for mutated beasts to find you.

That wraps up our guide to every hero class in Second Extinction; we hope this helped you figure somethings out when it comes to which character you will play. Who will you pick?

If you need more help, let us know in the comments, and we can make a guide for you.

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