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Remnant From The Ashes Boss Guide: Claviger

In this guide, we'll help you to kill Claviger quickly and easily. Plenty of hazards like ranged attacks and smaller enemies can get in your way. Not to mention a sheer drop to death on all sides. A tough four-armed boss in Remnant From The Ashes early game, Claviger takes some prior planning.

Claviger Boss Guide

Claviger’s Location

The Claviger boss can be found at the end of the Loom of The Black Sun dungeon area in The Scouring Wastes, Rhom, the second campaign world of Remnant From The Ashes.  

The Loom of The Black Sun entrance looks like this. Note the ruins to the right.

The Loom of The Black Sun entrance looks like this. Note the ruins to the right.

Here's where you'll find the Loom of The Black Sun once you get to the Scouring Wastes

Here’s where you’ll find the Loom of The Black Sun once you get to the Scouring Wastes

These alien dungeons can be a little disorienting at first.  As a result it tends to fool you into thinking you’ve somehow doubled back. Getting from one end to the other will take conscious planning.Try to focus on landmarks or memorable features before engaging in combat, if possible. The best advice would be to choose a direction of travel and stick to it! You’ll know you’re in the right place when you arrive at The Spindle. Take a moment to select weaponry with large clip sizes. 

The Fight Against Claviger

  1. Claviger draws energy from light orbs and shields himself

    Anybody who’s played videogames will know what to do here. Shoot the orbs! That said, shooting them while not getting hit by Claviger’s ranged attacks is another thing. The trick here is to sustain fire while moving in a diagonal direction from Claviger himself. In other words, moving towards your target. Walking while aiming is slow but this is enough to avoid Claviger’s shots. Just make sure you’re far enough away. Get too close and he’ll hit you no matter what. Nailing that angle of movement is key.  Get this right and you’ll save tons of health and stamina for when you really need them.

    Claviger Boss Guide In this state, Claviger will hurl all sorts at you. Don't give him the satisfaction and get rid of those orbs quickly!

    In this state Claviger will hurl all sorts at you. Don’t give him the satisfaction and get rid of those orbs quickly!

    Speaking of saving health, make sure you do all of this with the Rattle Weed mod equipped. We’ll get back to this in a moment.

    Like the gear in these images? Check how you can get it with our guide, How To Get Void Armor!

  2. Claviger summons a bunch of super annoying enemies

    Typical of Remnant From The Ashes boss fights, we have hoards of enemies to deal with. As we know, this can be very disruptive to tactical applications against the actual boss. In these instances, the Rattle Weed mod cannot be recommended highly enough. Above all, the weapon you assigned it to will need to be used a lot.

    This handy mod comes fairly early in the campaign and is worth holding onto.

    This handy mod comes fairly early in the campaign and is worth holding onto.

    While this useful decoy distracts enemies, your squad can clean up quickly. Alternatively, if nobody has Rattle Weed, the next best option is to align yourself such that Claviger’s shots kill the small enemies. Alternatively, distraction free fire can be sustained on Claviger while all of this is going on.

  3. Claviger shoots sustained blast from his palms

    This boss is not particularly clever. Claviger will choose one of your party as the target of his radiation beam. If it’s you, split from the group as far as you can to take the heat off the squad. In addition, you’re the real damage dealer here. All you need to do is gradually rush the monster while the beam is on.

    Slowly approach at an angle and sustain fire on Claviger's hands

    Slowly approach at an angle and sustain fire on Claviger’s hands

    This will hold his attention away from the squad as you approach. Get right up in his face with either the beam rifle or the shotgun and unload as much as you can before the beam catches up to you.

  4. Claviger shoots balls of light

    Like we said, this boss is none too smart. His balls of light attack won’t necessarily target you as Claviger prefers the spray and pray approach. As a result, your best way around all of this is to sprint in a wide arc around the circumference of the platform.  Do not roll! This will dodge the first ball of light but leave you open to the second. Rolling will get you hit every time! 

Boss Fight Top Tips

  • Stay away from the edge of the platform. This may seem very obvious. However, the heat of battle will easily see you over the edge. Should a lower class enemy hit you at all, you stagger animation will send you tumbling to your death.
  • Upgrade your armor. If you’ve made it to Rhom, odds are you’ve accumulated a lot of scrap and iron. In other words, take a moment to head back to Ward 13 and upgrade as much of your gear as possible. Once its upgraded enough, you’ll require Forged Iron to continue upgrading. You’ll want to get most of your gear up to that point before facing Claviger.
  • Explore Rhom for its many secrets first. You may find the alternative boss to this world, Harrow. Alternatively, you may find much better armor or weaponry, for instance. 

Boss Fight Rewards

It's game over for Claviger. Result!

It’s game over for Claviger. Result!

Claviger’s defeat will of course yield some juicy loot. As a result, your reward pool will include:

  • Stone of The Guardian -- Crafting material used to create World Breaker melee weapon.
  • Void Silver -- Crafting material used to create various items. If obtained for the first time, head back to Ward 13 and create Particle Accelerator weapon!
  • Howling Key -- A key used to progress the campaign.
  • Lumenite Crystal x5 -- A crafting material for weapons and armor.
  • Scrap 1012 -- Remnant From The Ashes in-game currency.
  • Recovery -- A character trait that improves stamina recovery.
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