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Remnant From The Ashes – All Achievements List

Check the complete list of all achievements in Remnant From The Ashes. Many are simple to get, some are much harder but we will help you! We're keeping things extra simple in this exhaustive list on how to get all achievements in the game.

Remnant From The Ashes Achievements

Normal Tier Achievements

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all achievements in Remnant From The Ashes. For seasoned players, this list might reveal a new boss. Newer players be warned – it may contain spoilers depending on hos far through the campaign you are. Let’s cover the standard achievements first. These will be visible to you on your overall achievements list. They also apply to Remnant From The Ashes on all platforms. 

Achievements / Trophies How to Earn
First…But Not The Last! Acquire the first trait
Like a Boss Upgrade a weapon earned from a boss to level 5
Trait Dabbler Upgrade any trait to 10
Equipment Collector Acquire 5 armor sets
One Person’s Scrap… Acquire 50,000 scrap
Not So Special Defeat 100 special enemies
Push It to the Limit Upgrade any weapon to +20
Scrap Collector Acquire 200,000 scrap
Unleash Your Potential Acquire 30 traits
Hard Choices Upgrade first weapon
That’s a Lot of Traits! Acquire 20 traits
Fade to White Activate the Ward 13 World Stone
Equipment Enthusiast Acquire 10 armor sets
Trait Focus Upgrade any trait to 20
Good Start Acquire 10 traits
Halfway There Upgrade any weapon to +10
Scrap Harvester Acquire 100,000 scrap
This Watch… Acquire Mudtooth’s pocket watch
Mod Enthusiast Acquire 15 weapon mods
Ready For Action Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss
Heart of a Dragon Upgrade Dragon Heart
Mod Collector
Acquire 5 weapon mods


Remnant From The Ashes Achievements

One of many achievements can be found in this building…

Secret Tier Achievements

The below list contains Remnant From The Ashes‘ secret achievements. This will not be visible on your platform’s achievement list. Without today’s guide, getting these done would be sheer guess work. That said, a lot of these can be ticked off with the campaign. Although, those finicky last few you’re searching for may also be below. 

Achievements / Trophies How to Earn
Precious Return ring to Reggie
Are You Ok? Meet the Root Mother
The Bigger They Are… Defeat the Ent
Shot Through the Heart Return the Swamp Guardian’s heart to the Undying King
Undying, Eh? Defeat the Undying King
Fire in the Sky Defeat Singe
Watch the Totems Defeat the Totem Father
The Keymaster Defeat the Claviger
Wolf of the Woods Defeat the Pan Wolf
Butterfly Effect Defeat Ixillis XV
Dark Awakening Defeat the Dreamer
Untouchable Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damage
Death Warmed Over Meet the Undying King
Like a Moth to a Flame Meet the Swamp Queen
Changing of the Guard Meet the Pan Rebel Leader
The Founder Meet Andrew Ford
What is the Labyrinth? Meet the Labyrinth Keeper
Not So Lucky Return coin to Ace

There you have it! Every single achievement in Remnant From The Ashes. We hope this comprehensive list has been helpful to you. If you enjoyed making use of our pointers today, you might like to check out our other guides. 

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