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Remix Secret World Seed Guide for Terraria 1.4.4

Terraria's new 1.4.4 Remix secret world seed is a challenge every Terraria player must try. It's also called the Don't Dig Up secret world seed as it turns the classic world generation upside down in a literal sense. The Underground is your new surface, and from there you must complete the game and face all the bosses in a new ecstatic way.

Remix Secret World Seed Guide For Terraria 1.4.4 - Cover

The Remix secret world seed is the new addition to Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love update. It’s a secret seed that’s completely different from all the past ones, featuring an interesting concept and many fun changes and mechanics.

It completely flips the order of player progression, making the player start from the Underworld, needing to progress further to the True surface. So if you want to play on this seed, take a look at this article to learn how to add it to your Terraria world, and also what new features it brings to the game.

How To Play The Remix Secret Seed

Inserting a seed into a Terraria world is pretty easy. It’s not a hard process as it was intentionally made to be simple by the Terraria developers, even though that these specific world seeds are secret.

To enter a secret world seed into your Terraria world, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to Single Player
  2. Choose your character
  3. Create a new world
  4. Enter in the seed field the following: “dontdigup”
  5. Then create a new world

As you can see, this seed is also referred to by the name Don’t Dig Up. This refers to the fact that the seed turned the entire world upside down. Don’t worry though, it will load normally like any other world, and it’ll be ready for you to play on it as soon as possible.

Also: You should check our guide on the Zenith/Everything secret world seed, which is a more difficult version of this seed!

World Changes

The remix secret seed brings in many world changes that must be covered separately in various sections. This world is completely different from the classic Terraria world, and almost everything is completely different. It’s a big challenge to play in a world with this seed on.

Spawn and the Underworld

The player will spawn in the Underworld on a large ash island of ash, ash grass, and the new ash trees scattered throughout it. You will basically spawn on an island surrounded by lava. Instead of regular slimes, there will be lava slimes, but they will not drop lava upon death.

Regular Underworld enemies will spawn once you leave the center island. 

Remix Secret World Seed Guide For Terraria 1.4.4 - Central Island

Remix Secret World Seed Guide For Terraria 1.4.4 – Central Island

There will also be a lot of pots on the main island that can drop rope and stars that can’t disappear even during the day. And above the Underworld, there’s a large mushroom biome that has stone, early ores, and surface enemies like Demon Eyes for example.

Surface Biomes

Surface biomes are located right above the glowing mushroom biome. They are supposed to represent the real surface world with trees, mushrooms, water, and weather events. You can even find the desert and the jungle biome.

Remix Secret World Seed Guide For Terraria 1.4.4 - Surface Biome

Remix Secret World Seed Guide For Terraria 1.4.4 – Surface Biome

Above those surface biomes are underground and cavern biomes, simulating the order of biomes from a normal Terraria world.

True Surface

The real surface will be completely covered with either crimson or corruption. It all depends on which evil biome the world was created.

The spawn rate is high up there, as well as the monster’s damage, knockback and defense. It’s definitely not a place where you would want to have a home, so it’s better just to stick to the Underworld. If you fly off the screen and attempt to go to space, you will instantly die. There’s no sun up on the true surface, and gravity is low like in space.

The Jungle Temple is now on the surface, and clouds have been replaced with large floating islands of flesh or lesion block, depending on the evil biome. Also, Living Trees generate without leaves, which is quite depressing.

Other Changes

Lava now deals 200 damage to players. Some slimes may contain fallen stars, and they can also come out of broken pots. The NPC happiness system is completely disabled in the Remix seed, which is the best thing to come out of this secret world seed.

This all makes the Remix seed even more interesting – it’s surely one of the most fun Terraria secret world seeds.

Can you BEAT the DON'T DIG UP Terraria seed? (PreHardmode)

(Video by bigbrogrounds)

You can read the full changelogs on the official Terraria wiki page if you really want to go into the details of this secret seed because a lot of weapons, armor, and items have been buffed just in this seed. So if you’re looking for a very detailed view of everything new, definitely check that page out.

We would also love to hear your thoughts on this new addition to Terraria in comments down below, as we’re interested in what you think about this new secret world seed, or if you think we missed anything you’d like us to cover next! 

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