Persona 5 Tactica | How to Beat Quest 4 (Easy 1 Turn Clear Guide)

Check out this quick and easy guide to learn how to beat Quest 4 in a single turn in Persona 5 Tactica, including a step-by-step breakdown of the method. Quest 4 is very similar to Quest 2 because of its harsh clear requirement, demanding a 1 turn clear and a high level of knowledge when it comes to positioning teammates for All Out Attacks.

Persona 5 Tactica | How to Beat Quest 4 (Easy 1 Turn Clear Guide)

Persona 5 Tactica is a lot more tactical and strategy-heavy compared to the turn-based identity of base Persona 5, resulting in an array of wildly different missions to undertake. Whether you’re trying to take out all enemies in as few moves as possible or reach the end of a stage without taking damage, this new style lends itself to plenty of different types of play. Perhaps the best example of tricky missions with a Persona-flair is the Quests. These short missions are built to test one specific part of your skillset or knowledge, usually restricting your party and options significantly so you can focus on the main theme. They’re very fun to figure out, especially when they’re the best method for quickly acquiring GP for your Skill Trees. 

Quest 4 is very similar to Quest 2, another infamous and relatively difficult mission early in the game, due to its very harsh clear requirement. To successfully complete Quest 4, you’ll need to remember everything you previously learned about chaining 1 More Action from Downing successive targets and then match it with good positioning skills to land a truly devastating All Out Attack. It’s little wonder that some players will get a bit lost with this mission but that’s why we’re here to help.

Here’s how to beat the difficult Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica.

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Quest 4 Overview

Quest 4 – entitled Once More, With Feeling! – becomes available alongside Quest 3 once you complete Main Mission 13, Cake, Marie, Fiance. This is the mission where you take back control of Fox and Queen from Marie’s clutches, reassembling the complete line-up of Phantom Thieves from Persona 5. Once that quest concludes and you head back to the Hideout in Leblanc, you’ll have a full roster of Phantom Thieves to play as and two new Quests available to undertake, including Quest 4. 

As your reward for completing Quest 4, you’ll receive a healthy amount of Growth Points (GP) for your recently reunited Phantom Thieves. To be more specific, you’ll get 20 GP for Yusuke and 20 GP for Makoto, allowing you to quickly get them back up to speed with your other party members in terms of unlockable Skills and abilities. 

Quest 4, Once More, With Feeling!

Quest 4, Once More, With Feeling!

Once More, With Feeling’s main gimmick is how split up and separated all of your party members are. Each member is cut off with boxes or large pieces of cover, with even the most agile characters having to scale ladders and platforms to effectively move around the map. There are six enemies in total to find and hunt, with some hiding behind cover on the ground while others watch gleefully from atop tall wooden platforms. Just glancing at the map, it can be hard to figure out where to go to achieve an optimal route, especially when you have a very harsh, and familiar, clear requirement for this Quest. 

Just like with the equally tricky Quest 2, Quest 4’s main hurdle is that it expects you to complete it in just a single turn. If all of your characters end their actions and even one enemy gets to act, you’ll get the depressing “Game Over” screen and be forced to do it all over again. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to employ the knowledge you learned from Quest 2 – specifically regarding chaining 1 More Actions – along with some clever positioning on a Triple Threat to ensure that you take out all six enemies in a single run. If you try and bash your head against this Quest, it likely won’t go well: you need to plan precisely, herd your enemies into the correct spots and then capitalise on it without making any mistakes.

With that said, how do you actually beat Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 4 Map Layout

Quest 4 Map Layout

How to Beat Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica

Recommended Party Set-Up

Similar to previous Quests, Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica limits who you can use in your party. During the mission, you’re forced to utilise both Yusuke (Fox) and Makoto (Queen), leaving you with only one spot to fill with a third-party member. These tests are built almost exclusively with the locked characters in mind but the right choice in a third-party member can make things significantly harder or easier, depending on who you pick.

The best choice for your third-party member in Quest 4 is Haru, also known as Noir. The primary reason for this isn’t anything to do with Haru’s large AoE potential or even her high melee damage but, instead, it’s to do with the element of her Persona, Milday. Psychic Personas and Psychic Skills can inflict enemies with a status called Hypnotize which will drag the target towards the caster. The main benefit of this status is that you can use it to drag Resisted enemies out of cover and into the open, readying them for an easy Down.

We’ll be taking great advantage of Psi and Hypnotize in Quest 4 to prime and more easily set up favourable situations for our team. If you’re determined enough, you can use more traditional debuffs such as Shock or Freeze to remove the Resisted status in this Quest but Haru is simply the most straightforward and consistent option. 

Hypnotize is a status which forcibly moves an enemy from their current position | Persona 5 Tactica Quest 4

Psi and Hypnotize

Strategy and Turn Order

Just like how Quest 2 was a lesson on chaining 1 More Action and Quest 3 was a more in-depth exploration of utilising the strengths of exploding barrels, Quest 4 is all about setting up the perfect Triple Threat. Thanks to how the enemies are positioned and where your allies can get to, you’ll be unable to conquer this stage unless you utilise at least one All Out Attack. This mission is all about teaching you how to position both your teammates and your enemies so that you can get the most out of your Triple Threat, shown clearly at the end of the stage where you’ll end up taking out 5 enemies in a single All Out Attack instance. 

You’ll start the mission by controlling Yusuke. After Dashing up the ladder, you’ll quickly spot that three enemies are patrolling the elevated platforms, giving them Resistance to any attacks from below. Here, your goal with Yusuke is to use a melee attack that will knock the nearby Legionnaire down onto the ground: not only will this deal a hefty amount of damage and trigger 1 More Action for Yusuke, but it will begin to push all of the enemies into one central location for later on.

With your extra movement for 1 More Action, take the spring across to the opposing platform and repeat the previous action on the new Legionnaire there. This time, your target has a squishy safety cushion on the floor in the form of another enemy. Your melee attack will cause them both to take damage and remove the effects of cover from the enemy on the ground, once again preparing the arena for your Triple Threat later on: you don’t want any enemies potentially surviving, after all, so they all need to be out of cover. To end Yusuke’s turn, have him drop down the nearby ladder and then shoot the closest Legionnaire in the back. 

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

After Yusuke Downs three of the enemies by himself, it’s time for Haru to work her magic. No matter who you choose as your third teammate, they’ll always spawn inside of a closed-off area of the map, severely limiting their movement and attack capabilities. Fortunately, we can use our Persona to bypass this issue and work it to our advantage. With Haru, use Psi or Psio to attack the enemy hiding behind cover on the right side of the arena, close to where the first enemy is Downed. This will inflict the Resisted enemy with Hypnotize, dragging them out of cover and into the open where they cannot dodge or defend against the All Out Attack. 

Following Haru, switch to Makoto. Just like with Yusuke, the only way Makoto can go is up the ladder and on top of the wooden platform. When you get to this point, all you need to do is attack the enemy opposite you on the other platform, Downing them and granting Makoto 1 More Action. 

With all major enemies taken care of, it’s time to line up the Triple Threat. If you successfully manage to position your characters correctly, you’ll be able to catch five of the six Legionnaires in your All-Out Attack, taking them out instantly and making the rest of this mission a cakewalk. Ensure that Yusuke is standing near the top of the stage and that Makoto is standing to the far right. With Haru acting as the third point, you should make a nice pointy triangle which captures most of your enemies. A spikey red circle will mark any enemies within range of the All-Out Attack so use that as a guide for where to go. 

All Out Attack

All Out Attack

Once you’re ready to execute, switch to Makoto and use Triple Threat. Do not use the Triple Attack with Yusuke as you’ll still need to control him in a moment. If successfully positioned your characters just right, you’ll have wiped five of the Legionnaires off the board, leaving just one standing.

At this point, resume control of Yusuke, wander down to the enemy you previously shot in the back and then end them to complete the mission. They should be weak enough that a regular ranged or melee attack will take them out but, if you just want to flex a bit, you can do another Triple Threat on this single enemy. Congratulations! Taking care of all six enemies in a single turn will complete Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 4 Complete

Quest 4 Complete

Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking for a more simple and step-by-step description of how to complete this Quest: 

  1. Start by controlling Yusuke. Dash up the nearby ladder and perform a melee attack on the closest Legionnaire so that they fall to the ground below. 
  2. With 1 More Action active, have Yusuke jump over to the opposite platform using Dash and do another melee attack on the Legionnaire stationed there. Once again, make sure that you’re knocking the enemy down to the ground and into the enemy on the ground level.
  3. Still playing as Yusuke, climb down the ladder and then shoot the third Legionnaire stationed on the ground nearby. 
  4. Switch to Haru and have her walk to the edge of her play space. She should use Psi on a Resited Legionnaire hiding behind some cover close to where the victim of Yusuke’s first attack was: this will inflict them with Hypnotize, dragging them out of cover and into the open.  

After Haru uses Psi, she’ll have used up her Action and you’ll be unable to move her so make sure she’s stood in the correct position before committing to the attack. 

  1. Switch to Makoto and climb the nearby ladder then shoot the enemy on the platform opposite you to grant her 1 More Action. 
  2. With most of the enemies Downed, you now need to form a neat triangle with your party members. If you successfully position your team, you will catch all but one of the enemies in a Triple Threat
  3. Use Makoto to execute the All Out Attack, taking out most of the enemies on the field. 
  4. Finally, take control of Yusuke and walk back down to finish off the last remaining enemy. 

That was how to clear Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica in only one round. 

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