Overcooked 2 Guide for Maximizing Game Experience

If you are looking to dive into the culinary Onion Kingdom and have a blast at it, try to keep in mind the following tips to maximize your experience and enjoy a heck of a lot more this amazing game: Overcooked 2.

Overcooked 2 is the sequel to the famous indie video game Overcooked. This sequel was released August 7, 2018, and has almost immediately being received with a lot of positives reviews. The game was developed by Ghost Town Games Ltd., and Team 17 Digital Ltd., who was also responsible for the game publishing. This new sequel takes us back to the Onion Kingdoms where we, as skillful chefs, must cook and save the world from the evil Unbreads that arose from the dead due to a magic spell.

Pay attention to the recipes

The first main element that you should be aware of when starting to play this game is that every recipe has a specific order for the preparing of it. Always keep in mind the order of events for the preparation of each recipe to avoid losing time by not making them in the order they are implied. Also, keep in mind that if you are playing against the clock, so every mistake counts, even small one like baking a pizza with a missing ingredient, or delivering a Hamburger with an extra.

Keep the kitchen clean

As of a personal experience while playing this game, try to keep the floor and the kitchen in general clean, If you do not manage to do this, food will impede you to move freely and could possibly end in a kitchen out of spaces to put prepare food, resulting in the food burning and a fire in the kitchen which will be bad for your score and your overall experience at that moment.  Also, try to manage well the space you have to put food by trying not to move the pans and the pot out of their place.

Collect all three star at each level

Even though you can progress throughout the story without completing each level with a three stars score, you should. The levels are not very difficult and if you manage to play in a synchronized way, either by your own or with friends, acquiring the score needed to get three stars per level is easy.  Finally, don't forget that if you play in Co-Op mode the scores will be a little higher but still doable, I will even dare say, easier.

Co-op and synchronize with other players

Lastly, this games was created to be played and enjoy, principally in CO-OP, either couch or online, Story mode or Arcade mode. Arcade mode is hilarious, fun, and an awesome way to play with friends that I can not recommend anyone to skip the opportunity to try this, the situation that you will experience, I assure you, will make you laugh like nothing else. VS mode allows 2 vs 2 kitchen battles, either couch or online, that will put to the test your abilities, as well as stealing a smile off your face. Finally, I also recommend that you play the tutorial and some of the storyline before going in online or Arcade or VS mode because in those modes they do not show the way to prepare the different recipes.

Replay each level more than once

One of the elements that most attract players to try this game is the funny and wacky kitchens in which you will have to cook to save the world. Just as the headline says, try to play each level more than once so that you can learn the way the kitchen behave and synchronize a lot better your work, alone or with others. Also once you know how the different kitchens behave you can star to assign different activities for each player to do in a more efficient way. Also, this will helps you and your teammates to react in a more efficient way to the fact of one of you screwing up. 

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