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New World Resource Guide

Looking for details about a specific resource that is eluding you to create that item you're yearning? We have you covered, with our complete Resource Guide to put you in the right path collecting all that Aeternum has to offer for you. Use this guide to understand the various resources in the game and what skills are associated with them.

New World Resource Guide

There is a wide variety of resources in Amazon‘s MMO New World. These resources are needed in order to progress and enjoy the game at its fullest. The resources can be categorize by the way you would acquire them, so we are looking at three different categories: Resources to be gathered, Resources to be refined, and resources to be crafted.

Below you will find a complete list of resources grouped in the aforementioned categories, you may click on each of them in the list to jump to the particular section. It is also important to begin the guide by explaining and listing the different skills that are related to collecting and working with resources. These skills are known as Trading Skills.

Gathering Resources

  1. Stone
  2. Ore
  3. Animal Hide
  4. Wood
  5. Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs

Refining Resources

  1. Ingots
  2. Fiber
  3. Blocks
  4. Gemstones
  5. Planks
  6. Leather
  7. Cloth
  8. Essence

“Free” Resources

These resources do not require any tool or gathering skill to be collected:

  1. Briar
  2. Bulrush
  3. Bush
  4. Flint
  5. Fungus
  6. Nuts
  7. Saltpeter
Your Trade Skills are important for game progression

Your Trade Skills are important for game progression

Trading Skills

The skills that you will be using to get and make use of resources are called Trading Skills. These are skills that you character posses that do not influence battle. There are a total of 17 trade skills available to master. Five of them are Gathering Skills, another 5 are Refining Skills, and the final 7 are Crafting skills.

Gathering Skills

  • Mining
  • Skinning
  • Logging
  • Fishing
  • Harvesting

As you level up these skills, you will be able to gather more and better resources, and even gain the ability to track the resource related to that skill, which can be incredibly useful.

Refining Skills

  • Smelting
  • Stonecutting
  • Woodworking
  • Tanning
  • Weaving

As you progress in each of these skills you will be able to take more and more advantage out of the resource itself, and when you start refining them, the higher the base skill level the more you’ll get out of the resource. Also, you gain the chance to produce extra refined resources as your Refining Skill continues to grow. You will also need a Refining Table, which is upgradable, to be able to refine your different Raw Resources.

The Refining Stations are the Following:
Loom, used to craft cloth materials.
Smelter, used to create ingots and charcoal.
Stonecutting Table, used to create blocks and cut gems.
Tannery, where you will turn your Raw Hides into Leathers.
Woodshop, to be able to create Planks out of your collected wood.

Crafting Skills

  • Weaponsmithing
  • Armoring
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Engineering
  • Arcana
  • Cooking
  • Furnishing

As you continue to level up your crafting skill, more and better recipes become available to you, allowing you to move up in the New World chain. Crafting Skills also require you to use a Crafting Station. 

The Crafting Stations are the following:
Arcane Repository, to create Magical Weapons, Tinctures, and Potions.
Forge, allowing to create Weapons, tools and Apparel.
Kitchen, that you can use to create Dyes, and of course, meals and drinks.
Outfitting Station, useful for a variety of creations, such as Armor, Satchels, Amulets, Rings and Earrings.
Workshop, where you will create Bows, Ammunition, Muskets, Tools, amongst others. 

You'll have to grind for the sweeter gear

You’ll have to grind for the sweeter gear


Associated Gathering Skill: Mining

Stone and Lodestone are both resources to be found and collected using the Mining Skill. The required tool for this is the Pickaxe

Associated Gathering Skill: Mining

Ore is a resource that you can collect using the Mining skill. The different Ore types can then be refined through Smelting to be converted to Ingots. The available ores are: iron, Silver, Gold, Starmetal, Orichalcum, and Platinum.

Animal Hide
Associated Gathering Skill: Skinning

Animal Hide is a type of resource you can collect through the act of skinning. Depending on the level of creature you are skinning, you will get one of three types of hide: Rawhide, Thick Hide, and Iron Hide.

Use your Harvesting skill to collect raw resources.

Use your Harvesting skill to collect raw resources.

Associated Gathering Skill: Logging

Wood can be acquired making use of your Logging skill. The result will vary from case to case. Bushes and Young Trees produce Green Wood; Mature Trees will yield Aged Wood; Wyrwood Trees produce Wyrdwood; and Ironwood trees provides Ironwood.

Fruit, Vegetables, and Herbs
Associated Gathering Skill: Harvesting

Making use of the Harvesting skill, you can collect fruit, Vegetables and Herbs throughout Aeternum.

Resources can vary from common to rare.

Resources can vary from common to rare.

Associated Refining Skill: Smelting

Smelting your previously collected ore will yield Ingots of the same material.

Associated Refining Skill: Stonecutting

Stone Blocks and Building Blocks are created by using your Stonecutting Skill, using 4 Stone per Block.

Associated Refining Skill: Weaving

There are different types of fiber that you would use when Weaving: Fibers, coming from Hemp; Silk Fibers, coming from silkweed, and Wire Fiber, coming from Wireweave.

Stones and Minerals can be found all around Aeternum.

Stones and Minerals can be found all around Aeternum.

Associated Refining Skill: Stonecutting

The refined product is called Cut gemstones, processed from Raw Gemstones. Gemstones can be used on weapons and apparel, assuming you have empty Gem Sockets. You will need a Stonecutting Table of at least tier 2 to be able to start cutting gems.

Associated Refining Skill: Woodworking

Making use of your Raw Wood, you’ll be able to use the Woodshop to create Lumber, Timber, Ironwood planks and Wyrdwood Planks.

Associated Refining Skill: Tanning

In order to create different set of Apparel, you can use a Tannery to process your Raw Hides into Leathers.

Associated Refining Skill: Weaving

Using the Loom, you can create a variety of cloth. The possible results are: Linen, Silk, Phoenixweave, Infused Silk, and Sateen.

Associated Refining Skill: Arcana

Essences are resources you can obtain by harvesting Plants or you can take it from different Enemies and animals. The uses for essences are varied, from Potions and concoctions to all sorts of Arcana-related items. The different kind of essences are based from the elements: Life, Death, Soul, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Void.

This guide should provide you with useful information about resources in New World as far as how to get them and how to find them. Knowing the associated skills of all them should also prove useful in making up your mind about what kind of character you’re trying to build and the stats that you will favor in order to continue pushing through the game. 

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