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How to Repair Gear and Items in New World

If you're wondering how to repair items in New World, this guide will tell you all you need to know. It always happens, just when you thought you've found a weapon or piece of gear you feel comfortable with, you notice that they have durability. Unfortunately it's not always intuitive how to do something in games, specially being new releases like New World.

The ever so classic mechanic in MMO’s: You finally found a weapon or item you like and start using it more and more, only to notice that it’s getting damaged over time. You’ve played games before, you know that if your weapon is getting damaged, then there is likely a way to repair it, right? This quick guide will tell you what you need to know on repairing your items in New World.

How to Repair Your Items

In order to fix your item, you just hover over the object while in your inventory, and then simply press the R key + L mouse, and as long as your have the required gold and repair parts, then your item will be restored to 100% durability.

New World MMO - How To Repair Gear Tutorial

Where to find repair parts? 

Repair parts in New World can be obtained by salvaging gear you won’t use. This introduces yet another mechanic to the game, where you’ll choose what gear to equip, what gear to save for later, or for trading/selling, and what gear is just good for scrapping and getting these repair parts and other materials necessary for crafting.

In order to salvage gear, you hover over the icon to salvage inside your bags and the press the S key + L Mouse, and just like that you’ve acquired more materials necessary for your repair needs.

(Video by Jimventures.)

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