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New World: How to Find Azoth Guide

New World's items are varied and interesting, and as it's usually the case in MMOs, some of these items are more valuable or useful than others. Chances are that you have already come across Azoth and maybe even used it but aren't entirely sure where to find it or what its full capabilities are. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

When it comes to MMOs, the mechanics in them is what can make or break the experience. In Amazon´s new MMO, New World, one of these gameplay mechanics revolve around the Azoth. This is an item that is not particularly difficult to get, but it does require some thinking when it comes to spending it. 

What is Azoth for

Azoth serves more than one purpose, so it’s hard to name one of them to be a primary or main one, as that is going to change according to your particular way of playing the game. Not to mention, you may use Azoth for different purposes at different points, which brings us back to the strategic thinking when it comes to using it, as it can be quite precious and be wasted easily. So, in no particular order of importance, these are the uses for Azoth: 

  1. Fast Travel – The longer the distance, the more Azoth you’ll need.
  2. Crafting – The more Azoth you commit to your crafting, the better chance you get a higher rarity item.
  3. Respec – In order to rearrange your spent skill points, you will need Azoth to reset them.
Azoth is one of the resources you won't want to waste. Think it through before using it.

Azoth is one of the resources you won’t want to waste. Think it through before using it.

How to get Azoth

There are three ways to get Azoth, and you may run into Azoth by just playing the game normally. However, if you are reading this is likely that you are trying to increase your chances of finding it. The first way is to simply continue completing main quests. Just by following the main quest line, you will be rewarded Azoth. 

Some tools that you can find, primarily as dropped loot, will have the Azoth Extraction perk. If you have such a tool with this perk, then the activity you use it for may also yield Azoth. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a great deal of luck involved in getting a tool with that specific perk.

Additionally, you can target enemies of at least level 20 and they have a chance of dropping it as a loot. It is believed that the blue glow on some enemies indicate more likelihood of Azoth being dropped, but that still seems to be speculative, at least for the time being.

How to get lots of Azoth in New World

(Video by ZcriptureZ.)

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