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NBA 2K22 – Trophies & Achievements List

Create your legacy in 2K's latest iteration of its wildly popular NBA franchise. Realise your potential in Career mode or embody the biggest basketball stars in the world, as well as a few legends. This is your court; it's time to dominate it.

NBA 2K22 - Trophies & achievements list

The world’s most popular Basketball game returns with its most fluid and photo realistic game so far. To help you achieve 100% completion in NBA 2K22 we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of achievements. This list includes everything you need to know about the game’s () achievements and how to unlock them. 

Possible spoilers ahead; read at your discretion. 

NBA 2K22 Trophies & Achievements List

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement 
Kit and Kaboodle  Earn every trophy/achievement in NBA 2K22
Bet on Women  Reach tier 10 in all five pillars in The W
This is Sparta! Complete Triple Threat Online: The 100 without giving up more than 75 points in a single 10 games
Geologist  Collect a player card of every gem colour in My Team
The Candlestick Maker  Score 50 points in MyCAREER NBA game
Belle of the Ball  Be a lottery pick in MyCAREER 
Fashion Icon  Get your personal brand score in Fashion to Level 10 in MyCAREER
It’s Pouring  Make 10 three-pointers in a MyCAREER MBA game 
Top of the World  Win the college championship in MyCAREER
To Get Ready  Record a triple-double in a MyCAREER NBA game
She Got Game Reach Progression tier 10 in The W
My Precious  Obtain an Original Owner Halo card
Make a Statement  Win a game by more than 20 points
Spreading The Love  Finish a game in which all 5 starters score double-digit points
The Butcher  Score 10 points in a MyCAREER NBA game
The Baker  Score 20 points in a MyCAREER NBA game 
Dirty Dishes  Get 3 assists in a MYCAREER NBA game
Dishwasher  Get 10 assists in a MYCAREER NBA game 
Collector  Get 5 rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game
Hoarder  Get 10 rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game
Fly Swatter  Get 5 blocks in a MyCAREER NBA game
Music Mogul  Get your personal brand score in Music to level 10 in MyCAREER 
Keepers  Get 5 steals in a MyCAREER NBA game 
It’s Raining  Make 5 three-pointers in a MyCAREER NBA game
G Whiz Win a WNBA game in The W
Watch Me Work  Win a game in The W online 
Shoe Head  Create a Shoe Card and apply it to a player
Minted  Have an original owner card graded a 10 
Lottery  Win 10 games in a single run in MyTEAM: Draft 
Somewhere Over the… Catch the Unicorn 
I Choose You… Evolve an Evolution player in MyTEAM
Badged Up  Apply a Hall of Fame badge to any player in MyTEAM
Multitasker  Complete 3 unique Agendas in a single game 
Green Light  Make 1 Green Release shot in a game 
Green Zone  Make 5 Green Releases shots in a single game 
It’s Easy Being Green  Make 10 Green Release shots in a single game 
Winning  Win a game 
Make a Point  Win a game by more than 10 points 
Turning Point  Outscore your opponent by 10 points in a single quarter 
The Rest is Just Academic  Take a 10 point lead into halftime 
Keep Your Distance  Make 10 three-point shorts in any one game
Net Gain  Turn the ball over 10 fewer times than your opponent
Dirty Work  Get more rebounds, blocks, and assists than your opponent

Good Luck, Completionists! 

There you go! We hope this NBA 2K22 achievements list helps you get the most out of this annual basketball juggernaut. With a brand new story mode and endless hours of multiplayer, you’ll be dunking many a ball before that platinum or gamerscore pops.

NBA 2K22 - Official The City Trailer

NBA 2K22 is available on PS4/5, Xbox One/SX, Switch and PC.

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